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<ItCouldBeBunnies> Randy,.. name one thing in this game that ISN'T abusable
<Randy> logging out :P
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> if u think so...
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> :p
<casper`> that was
<casper`> you could put log out line in your unit name
<jaggeh> thats nasty
<Randy> true
<Randy> ok there is nothing that isn't abusable :P
<Randy> i hate you all
<DuckieHo> LOL
<casper`> lol
<{DC}Ken> lol
<Randy> spend all my time fining you
<Randy> :P

<Sarah_Rose> now they need to start genetically altering men to.. not exist.. and the world would be perfect
<Ninja-Meditating> Sarah, the world would be perfect for 100 years.
<Ninja-Meditating> then there would be no humans.
<Sarah_Rose> nah
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> ok well i am up for that sarah
<Sarah_Rose> we'd keep 5 men around
<Ninja-Meditating> but that's the way blondes think I guess
<ItCouldBeBunnies> Yes there would be
<necigrad> sperm donations, watch, she'll say it
<Sarah_Rose> 5 men, that's it
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> let me just get into the anne Summer market .. least i will die rich
<ItCouldBeBunnies> We can freeze sperm
<Ninja-Meditating> ICBB, why the hell would men be willing to give sperm if we're to be killed?
<necigrad> so what do we have to do to make the list of 5?
<Ninja-Meditating> why would we want to help a society that outcasts us and kills us?
<Ninja-Meditating> you're BOTH retarded
<Sarah_Rose> we could just scrape it off the back of your throat, Ninja
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> lol
<necigrad> ROFL!!!!
<Ninja-Meditating> or yours
<Sarah_Rose> good come-back..
<Ninja-Meditating> there's about 30 different guys there
<Ninja-Meditating> chet's my one and only though
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> wow thats 1st thing i ever seen thats laughing about from sarah .. good 1
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> ;0
* Ninja-Meditating looks at chet's pic and sighs
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> u lonely ninj?

<Prowler> i came back like monday or tuesday what do u expect me to have
<ItCouldBeBunnies> less than what you had on monday or tuesday
<Prowler> yep lol
<Prowler> wait
<Prowler> no!
<Prowler> ur mean

<Prowler> stupid neveron deleted all my shit
<Wayward_Son> well if you didnlt log in for 30 days...
<Prowler> thats bs
<Prowler> i left b4 that rules
<Prowler> rule
<Wayward_Son> really
<Prowler> i went on nev vaction
<Prowler> to build funds
<Wayward_Son> so you left in 2000?

<{WoB}PaLaDiN_Primus> gunners at your house eggy?
<Eggy> no dragion is
<j0k3r> Or are there always men poppin in and out of eggy
<j0k3r> 's house
<j0k3r> wait
<j0k3r> LOL
<Michael_Klien> rofl
<j0k3r> That came out wrong
<j0k3r> eggy's house
<j0k3r> stupid fat fingers

<Peanut> i still don't know how to move from an enemy zone after 3 days :(
<thp> have you tried deleting your windows directory?

<StCol_Solourus[FC]> ahh
<StCol_Solourus[FC]> i remember when i was first baned
<StCol_Solourus[FC]> i was doing this
<StCol_Solourus[FC]> --------------------------------------------
<StCol_Solourus[FC]> ----------------------------------------------
<StCol_Solourus[FC]> train tracks!!!
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<necigrad> ROFL
<ChaosLord{G}> lol
<Crazy_Saint{FWLM}> lmao

<Caesar_Planck> That would work
<Loyalis> tier1 no level diff 2=2-3 diff 3= 3+ diff
<Caesar_Planck> would make life alot easier when workin out money you need to war etc
<Caesar_Planck> and is simple enough
<Randy> yes it would
<Caesar_Planck> for even a retard
<Caesar_Planck> to understand
<Randy> which is great
* Caesar_Planck glares at Peel
<Randy> becuase a lot of our players are retards

<Wiggin> idiot :P
* Randy yawns
<Randy> good morning
<Wiggin> wow he came when i called!

<Chetter> has anyone seen Khan summers of Nova Cats
<Khan_Matthew_Winters[CNC]_Work> there is a Khan summers?

<Randy> that was naturally occurring lag

* Yossarian rubs Hida's belly for good luck

<Randy> if i deleted stupid nev players, there would be very few left :)

<Khan_Fyretrohl_Taney[LM]> You know Drakan...You would come in here complaining about your boss being an idiot if you were self employed

<Wayward_Son> OK you get a tour AND you can ride Dante
<Wayward_Son> we have a saddle for him and everything

<Randy_AFK> update hit set hit=4 where player='krait'

<Randy_AFK> update hitlocation set location='h' where player like '%german%'

<Wayward_Son> it makes me all warm and fuzzy when you say it Necro :)

<Krait> maybe its gruffs fault... all those units hes trainig...
<Randy> and you know what .... that IS what it is

<Krait> Gruffel: ich könnte explodieren
<GCmdr_Zap_Rood[DLM]> blos nicht dann sind überall auf nev scorps verstreut

* Randy has quit IRC
<Wiggin> what a penis head

<{WoB}Blaine-Pct> The WoB has voted to merge with the FWLM.
<Cool_Cat[CCAF]> just when u thought wobbies intelligence couldnt get lower super idiodicy is born

<Cool_Cat[CCAF]> .8 does hida have manboobs?
<X2> [<Cool_Cat[CCAF]>]: Most definitely.

<Hida_Fushu> man i want a few crabs

<Wiggin> yeah, yoss and Krynn sitting in a tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G!
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> hmm their first child being called victor?

* Randy has joined #neveron_admin
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<X2> [<Randy>] ...
*** Randy has left #neveron_admin

<Krait> .8 will randy ever fix old bugs before creating new ones?
<X2> [<Krait>]: Are you out of your MIND?

<Tabby> wondering if sarah actually said no
<Tabby> was kinda wondering if she even knew how to

<Randy> you'll all be very pissed to hear
<Randy> that each nevyear
<Randy> skills will degrade on 2% of your units

<The_Doctor{CO-JSDC-WarCollege}> randy was playing his own organ, he wanted to show rox

<Hida_Fushu{G}> i'm a meat substitute now

<TheDeadlyShoe> i think we should make a rule of only hida fushu setinfos in admin channel

<Krait_AFK> randy has standards?
<Wiggin> he only has sex with men
<Wiggin> i think thats a standard of some kind

<Hida_Fushu{G}> despite randy's best efforts, this game succeeds

<JEST3R> hey your problem for alienating yourself from ur player base
<Krait_AFK> i think his problem is that he thinks HE is the player base ;)

<Surray_afk> ah yeah that, sorry about that, at that time I kinda controllged the kizo faction lead

<Randy> i hope whoever Devlin is .. you have killed his empires by now.

<{WoB}Chetter_Primus> doesnt matter much I hear Kliens sperm count is so high his girl friend will have to chew before she swallows

* Greater_Zergling[NCP] gags
<{WoB}Chetter_Primus> ok zerg next time swallow

<CC_Lvl_5-8s_4_Sale> if i ever have a wet dream about chet its cus i'm peeing on him of course for some that is a turn on but not in my case
<necigrad> I might, if I actually had that dream. Doubt it though, and I ain't had that dream yet anyway, thank God
<CC_Lvl_5-8s_4_Sale> .8 will neci have wet dreams of chet tonight?
<X2> [<CC_Lvl_5-8s_4_Sale>]: You bet!

<AC20Sniper|ZzzzzZZ> I wonder what would happen if a company like Blizzard or Microsoft offered Randy a high paying job?
<thp> Warcraft IV would suck

<Junisar> hi there
<Pimp> what
<Junisar> iv been attacked by centauri and 69th irregs,im told to talk to you
<Pimp> congrats
<Junisar> oh fuck nevermind

<Dragion> well i can proudly say i have only slept with one woman..
<Dragion> eggy
<Dragion> she took my hymen

<petteyg359> just bought 20DP "starter kit" which gave me 4 mechs and now I have almost 300K oversize military tax :(

<nick> anyone wanna hit my arena?
<Planck> nop
<nick> yeesh man
* Thernel_PiRatten hits nick's arena with a sledge hammer
<nick> wat did i do to yous
<Planck> lol
<nick> noone hits my arenas for at least 2 hrs
<nick> and then i get killed anyways
<Planck> [12:56:06] * nick 470bv arena up
<nick> turning me off nev
<Planck> [13:16:08]
<nick> anyone wanna hit my arena?
<Planck> thats only 20 minutes
<nick> check 3 hrs ago
<Planck> You did a 320 bv duel before that
<Planck> not a 470
<Planck> thus
<nick> i had a 300k up for 3 hrs then i dropped it and put this 1
<Planck> different duel
<Planck> :P
<Planck> let see
<Planck> [12:41:42] * nick crete $ 9,661,895 20 4.66 321
<nick> [19:54] * nick crete $ 9,661,895 20 4.66 321
<Planck> [10:54:49] * nick crete $ 9,661,895 20 4.66 321
<Planck> [12:41:42] * nick crete $ 9,661,895 20 4.66 321
<nick> 2.5 hrs ago
<Planck> lol
<Planck> dude
<Planck> people just dont like ur arenas
<Planck> lol
<nick> thats every duel
<nick> it sux
<nick> yeh and when they hit i loose anyways
<nick> last 10 maybe i won 2
<ItCouldBeBunnies> there is a secret to ensuring that your arenas get hit EVERY TIME
* ItCouldBeBunnies is now known as Chetter
<Chetter> Hit my arena!
<Planck> rofl
<nick> wat iccb?
* Chetter is now known as ItCouldBeBunnies
* nick 470bv arena up
<nick> :S
* nick is now known as nick_newbie
* nick_newbie 470bv arena up
<nick_newbie> better?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> try /nick_who_lives_with_chet_and_was_taught_everything_about_arenas_by_him
* nick_newbie is now known as nick_who_lives_with_chet_and_w
<Planck> ooo
<Planck> ROFLMAO
<Planck> He tried to aswell
* nick_who_lives_with_chet_and_w is now known as nick_who_was_taught_everything
<ItCouldBeBunnies> lol
* nick_who_was_taught_everything is now known as nick_chets_apprentice
<ItCouldBeBunnies> I think we need to edit this and put it in bunnyzen
<Planck> heheh
<Planck> was about to say that
* nick_chets_apprentice is now known as nick_chets_apprenteice
<nick_chets_apprenteice> have to speel it wrong so they believe me
<ItCouldBeBunnies> that's more realistic
<Planck> lol
* nick_chets_apprenteice 470bv arena up
<nick_chets_apprenteice> :)
<nick_chets_apprenteice> now hit me
<nick_chets_apprenteice> who hit me
<nick_chets_apprenteice> it worked :)
<nick_chets_apprenteice> lmfao
<Planck> roflmao
<Planck> really?
<Planck> thats funny

<Peel> planck, do you reckon we could be brothers?
<Planck> hell no
<StColjointedlimb> oh god no
<Planck> and if we are
<StColjointedlimb> please
<Planck> I'm the Brain
<StColjointedlimb> the world isnt ready for that
<Planck> and your Pinky
<Peel> im the muscle
<StColjointedlimb> muscle that funny

<Randy> i'll give my jeep an IDF-20 :)

<Hippo> slade what's your lvl 10+
<slade> I don't have one :P
* slade was kicked by X2 (Hippo wrong answer)
<ItCouldBeBunnies> slade is a friendly IRCop
<Hippo> whoops

<Vortakai> Scant sounds like you suck at Neveron then....
<Scant> sure, if that is what you want to think Vortakai
<Vortakai> That is unless you started in the last 4 months.
<Scant> but lets look at who still has their empires :)

<kateykitkat> i am Peels gf
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> i see
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> hi chet

<Thernel> Macca you are UDC?
<Col_Macca[UDC]{SR}> yeh
<Thernel> sweet mother of all thats good and pure

<Zartek> the sheer lvl of idioacy that radiates from macca
<Zartek> he'd make the people around him stupider

<jake> i suck balls

<casper`> so what happens if your empire drops below 8?
<DarkSoul> you get permabanned for incompentence

<hobbit> I imagine that pilot will quite possibly be seeing the ressurection button sometime soon
<Crazy_Saint{FWLM}> Yeah, probably will, but 4 DP is kinda steep for me.
<ItCouldBeBunnies> sell infra
<ItCouldBeBunnies> like,.. a lot
<Crazy_Saint{FWLM}> lol
<Crazy_Saint{FWLM}> I've got nasty OMT
<ItCouldBeBunnies> well.. losing a mech is helpful then
<Sid> You can wait to res him
<Sid> He will be there forever on that list
<Crazy_Saint{FWLM}> Not that helpful :P
<Sid> Assuming Randy's intern doesnt accidentally delete it
<Sid> :D
<Crazy_Saint{FWLM}> lol
<Sid> I wanna move to AZ so I can be his intern
<Sid> I'll wear a dress and bring the cigars

<Randy> i'm not sure what "clanner" class would be; from my understanding it means they're not allowed to make attacks on anyone, and have a high whine factor,

<ItCouldBeBunnies> http://www.bunnies.sexygirlgeek.com/id137.htm <--- more updates
<Dark_Elf{Cult}|RCpiratage> bunnies
<Dark_Elf{Cult}|RCpiratage> your funny chat section made me miss my move phase :P
<Dark_Elf{Cult}|RCpiratage> Pirate Mech scores a critical HEAD hit! HGN-732 2 "Tartan Murder" SENSORS are hit! (+2 to hit)
<Dark_Elf{Cult}|RCpiratage> Pirate Mech scores a critical HEAD hit! HGN-732 2 "Tartan Murder" SENSORS are hit! (+2 to hit)
<Dark_Elf{Cult}|RCpiratage> look at what you did Bunnies

<casper`> cos i don't lie down and take it like a woman

<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> when my mech division is done im gonna proof their useful ness in LWs
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> vs lvl 1s ;)

<Zakarius> I have a reversible lobotomy. I flick a switch, and I can be either of those two. Flick it back, and its me again.
<Zakarius> Sometiomes the switch gets stuck tho...
* Sarelon wonders if Zak's switch wasn't replaced with a dimmer

<ItCouldBeBunnies> Neveron would have been a total bitch to play on tickertape and punch cards
<xcoyote> lol ICBB.
<xcoyote> People went crazy with those punchcards
<Vehnom> I thought we do play Neveron with Punch Cards?
<xcoyote> I remmember someone telling me they were on there way to a final assesement, and dropped them all
<xcoyote> lol :P
<Zakarius> Tickertape and punchcards? I assume you havent SEEN Nev Central then? ;O)
<xcoyote> Haha
<xcoyote> Tickertape and Punchcards?! What do you think WW was hiered for? :P He sits there and punches holes in to cards and files them whenever someone updates something
<xcoyote> then when he goes on a toilet break
<xcoyote> everyone yells LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG
* Sarelon imagines a wall of switches, labeled in groups of 8, and a big button that says 'execute' :P
<Zakarius> Oooh! I have a switch like that too! But they wont let me near that one...
<Vehnom> Randy tried to deny WW bathroom breaks, but he's a liberal and went to the labor board about it. Now he gets 4 defined breaks a day for potty.
<xcoyote> Randy probably found it cheaper to hire out philapino kids, stored in his basement, they are ordered to remmember data sectors and clusters :P
<Hellrazer>{GP2}{HMC> lol
<Zakarius> So when one gets sick, thats a bad cluster?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> This is why they want help tickets. They use wide ticker tape and it's next to Wayward's toliet
<xcoyote> lol
<Zakarius> lmao
<Vehnom> Ahh...yes...that could be true.
<Hellrazer{GP2}{HMC}> lol
<Vehnom> You all laugh...but it could be.
<Hellrazer{GP2}{HMC} >could be hell i think it's true
<Zakarius> The tickets only get resolved once Wayward flushes, I assume?

<Randy> yes?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> I make FLE-GWs
<ItCouldBeBunnies> never sold or commissioned one
<ItCouldBeBunnies> how come pirates are using them to attack me?

(on seeing Sarah_Rose's pic and accompanying blurb)
<Randy> poor sarah rose lol

<Khan_Michael_Klien> Do you know what the greatest reaction to me showing my roommate/GF pic to people?
<Khan_Michael_Klien> my mom's reaction was simply: "Oh my god."
<MAD_casper`{Cult}> you showed your mom!?!!
<Khan_Michael_Klien> she wanted to know :P
<Khan_Michael_Klien> I warned her :P
<MAD_casper`{Cult}> ROFL
<MAD_casper`{Cult}> you legend!

<Lucifer> Message from Sgt. Soldier 23861563: "watch my ammo go boom here - always happens!"
<Lucifer> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
<Lucifer> Cataphract 2X scores a critical hit! AMMUNITION is hit!
<Lucifer> Cataphract 2X hits Orion VA with a AC-10 on the right arm for 10 points
<Lucifer> Cataphract 2X hits Orion VA with a LL on the left torso for 8 points
<Lucifer> Orion VA has an ammo explosion! The internal structure has been damaged by exploding ammunition.
<Lucifer> hehe
<Lucifer> it does
<Dakoth> why didnt he dump ammo
<Lucifer> i dunno
* Mage (Magehound@cpc3-renf2-3-0-cust26.renf.cable.ntl.com) has joined #neveron
<Mage> anyone just kill an Orion in the arena's?

<Siguard{G}_At_Retarded_college> chet has no OMT
<Siguard{G}_At_Retarded_college> is that a bug?

<Li_Ra> Who owns Krynn?
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> krynn
<Li_Ra> right

<Pimp> dont listen to Planck he is just upset over finding more of his dp toys' parts for sale from me

<Guest> im geussing mechs are most powerful mobile units in game
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> except for the swiftwinds

<Eggy-afk> buns he will keep pm'ing you, he doesn't understand the concept of DO NOT pm me
<ItCouldBeBunnies> No, he will not PM me.
<Eggy-afk> hence why i have the dolt on ignore
<jump> eggy
<Eggy-afk> yes he will
<ItCouldBeBunnies> no eggy, he won't.
<ItCouldBeBunnies> I have a weapon you don't have
<Eggy-afk> wanna bet $1 nev on it? :P
<ItCouldBeBunnies> Madcat can send 30 lines a second
<ItCouldBeBunnies> and worse
<ItCouldBeBunnies> Madcat has a sisterbot
* Arden hugs his noticespam script
<Eggy-afk> oi a sister
<Eggy-afk> she was bad enuff

<HammerBA> Thank you Randy, for the search feature. We will be abusing it regularly now.

<j0k3r-selling20DP> i dont give a shit about nev
<j0k3r-selling20DP> cpg no longer has its rhino
<REUTERS_Neveron> ok
<REUTERS_Neveron> this is the question
<j0k3r-selling20DP> 1100 bv in pirates killed it
<REUTERS_Neveron> how the hell did 1100bv kill it?!!!!
<j0k3r-selling20DP> I dont know
<j0k3r-selling20DP> it was all ai
<j0k3r-selling20DP> killed a mad4a too
<REUTERS_Neveron> omg
<REUTERS_Neveron> don't talk to me

<Kami> procrastination potion
<Kami> This is a vial of a lazily bubbling substance, the color of tomorrow. Or, y'know, the day after.

<Capreolus> anyway, is it true Peel's got mumps?
<Death_Tornado> i doubt it
<Capreolus> lol
<Warrior> normally we end up dicussing what peel hasnt got
<Warrior> style, charisma...the ability to walk straight...
<Malachi{cult}> a gf thats legal
<Capreolus> Lol
* Warrior shudders
<Capreolus> Peel-slaggin-off session for tonight begins

<ItCouldBeBunnies> I think mankind will have become extinct before we see a player invent assault mechs
<xcoyote> >:]
<Nevyn> What about womankind
<ItCouldBeBunnies> ..or dante gets rehired by randy
<Nevyn> or does mankind kill them off first
<xcoyote> lol Nevyn
<ItCouldBeBunnies> first?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> you want utopia full of men?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> go live with chetter
<xcoyote> hahah! she got you there :P
<Nevyn> Haven't you read that novel
<Nevyn> ummmz, I forget the name
<xcoyote> Word of Black Bible?
<Nevyn> I can never remember anything when sick
<ItCouldBeBunnies> "the joy of masturbating in the dark/"
<xcoyote> The utopia full of men - written by Priums Chetter
<Nevyn> No, it's a Novel where all the woman die off, well almost all, sci fi, and humankind goes back to almost stone age living
<Nevyn> really weird read
<bilblak[IZW]> "How to Swobbie Your Wobbie" by Primus Chetter
<xcoyote> lol
<ItCouldBeBunnies> so,.. women keep the human race from regressing to cave men?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> that figures

<Chetter> Why does everybody always pick on me?
<Macca> its because of ur colonel sanders facial hair

* SkinWalker (SkinWalker@ has joined #iota
* X2 sets mode: +o SkinWalker
<X2> [<SkinWalker>] NeMo has requested a Trade Alliance with you for the following reason: This is Cathi from R7 asking for a trade treaty. I like the cocks as much as Bunnies.

<Dawg_of_war> I know the person that ownes singwar
<casper`{Cult}_RECRUITIN`> you do?
<Dawg_of_war> yes
<casper`{Cult}_RECRUITIN`> who is it?
<Dawg_of_war> me and him are good friends
<Dawg_of_war> would you bleive I forgot his chat name
<casper`{Cult}_RECRUITIN`> no
<Dawg_of_war> but I meet him in WoB
<casper`{Cult}_RECRUITIN`> he's a wobbie?!
<Dawg_of_war> I belive so
<Dawg_of_war> ahh now I know
<Dawg_of_war> hes name is Kelin
<casper`{Cult}_RECRUITIN`> klien is the wobbie who owns singwar?
<Dawg_of_war> I belvie so

<Temujin> your so arrogant that its really amusing :)
<ScottyRox-KH> heh.. I agree
<ScottyRox-KH> its a good thing that I'm always right

<ItCouldBeBunnies> not my sort of project these days
<ItCouldBeBunnies> but Cathi may do it
<Prom_dp4MechSalvage> sure thing
<Prom_dp4MechSalvage> i'll get onto her
<ItCouldBeBunnies> she will love that I'm sure
<Prom_dp4MechSalvage> thanks :)

<Temujin> i'd like to be eaten

<Zonar> anyone here selling a lvl 10/11 empire? Msg me
* buddy sits back while Zonar's screen fills up with PMs
* POP_DOG (a@81-178-206-97.dsl.pipex.com) has joined #neveron
<n13> will pay one american dollar for a lvl 10 empire. msg me!
<Capreolus> don't think they can be, Zonar's been copy-pasting the same message for hours
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> u can have a lvl10 empirename from m for 1$ :=)
<Capreolus> EmpireName?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> normally you get the name for free if you look after his empires
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> lol
<Khan_Michael_Klien> lol

<Raptor> ur a dp whore
* Planck isn't
* Planck puts a blanket over his command company

<Dawg_of_war> can you research the Stone rhino design??
<jaggeh> sure but mankind will be extinct and the cockroaches will be playing nev and making fun of chet

<Klien-DO-NOT-PM> Playing counterstrike, please don't PM me. I will be very angry if my game crashes.
<GCmdr_Charles_Cage> lol
<Death_Tornado> lol
<Esau[HP]> trust me, he will
<Esau[HP]> I did it
<Ravill> lol
<Death_Tornado> we all need to do it at the same time
<Macca> ping him a lot
<Macca> make him lag
<Macca> :p
<ItCouldBeBunnies> [Klien-DO-NOT-PM PING reply]: 0secs
<ItCouldBeBunnies> gonna need a LOAD of pings to reduce that
* Peanut slaps Junisar_Partying_Like_Its_1999 around with Ridge's old used UNDIES
* Junisar_Partying_Like_Its_1999 eats the undies
<Esau[HP]> [Klien-DO-NOT-PM PING reply]: 0secs
<Macca> hi drakan;)
<Macca> *juni
<Macca> oops:p
<Ravill> [Klien-DO-NOT-PM PING reply]: 1sec
<PaLaDiN> [Klien-DO-NOT-PM PING reply]: 0secs
<ItCouldBeBunnies> -> [Klien-DO-NOT-PM] PING
<ItCouldBeBunnies> -> [Klien-DO-NOT-PM] PING
<Esau[HP]> -> [Klien-DO-NOT-PM] PING
<Esau[HP]> -> [Klien-DO-NOT-PM] PING
<Esau[HP]> -> [Klien-DO-NOT-PM] PING
<Esau[HP]> -> [Klien-DO-NOT-PM] PING
<ItCouldBeBunnies> I'm trying to guage distance so I can fire torpedos
<Macca> was joking bte
<Macca> not that evil:)
<Ravill> can anyone tell me why i can't open nev?
<GCmdr_Charles_Cage>> yeah
<Macca> at least ull annoy him with bleeps while hes playing
<Macca> lol
<Macca> worse than pms:)
<ItCouldBeBunnies>> madcat2 can send him a message in morse code using pings
<Ravill> lol
<Ravill> do it icbb
<ItCouldBeBunnies> what should I send him?
<Esau[HP]> all your base are belong to us
<ItCouldBeBunnies> lol
<{wob}Snow_Fox-PctRom> all your base dont belong to us
<Death_Tornado> why does everyone say that?
<Capreolus|BackInAMinute >DT, go to www.allyourbase.net
<Esau[HP]> kinda like "hello newman"
<Capreolus|BackInAMinute> damn, wrong addy
<Capreolus|BackInAMinute> .org
<Capreolus|BackInAMinute> www.allyourbase.org
<Capreolus|BackInAMinute> this one's better
<Capreolus|BackInAMinute> http://www.allyourbasearebelongtous.com/
-madcat2: Morse_Ping_Message.exe queued. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US
-madcat2: Message failed at destination, (SPAMMER)

<Wayward_Son> Randy has quit IRC
<Wayward_Son> <Wiggin> what a penis head
<Wayward_Son> lol

<ilKhan_Fyretrohl_Taney_CF> Confirming for my side...We are STILL a go for 5 PM...
<Maj_Octavius_Brion> We in HoC will be ready to go at 4:59, in order to maintain our Eviiiiil HoC image

<weird{G}> so this ceasefire lasted exactly the amount of time for me to go to bed and go to work

<J-NaDa> i had a crit on my striker and i fixed it and now its doing 30 MP topspeed and 20 MP cruising

<Zakarius> What instrument did you play, eh Belly? ;O)
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> the chet
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> lol
<Capreolus> what kind is that? percussion?
<J-NaDa> probably stringed
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> its ryhmic
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> t
<Zakarius> the Chet? Did you have to blow it, pull it, beat it or pluck it? ;O)
<J-NaDa> or rub it
<Antioch-Bell{STB>} i left the pluckin to klien

* Peanut slaps CountWolf[NCP] around with Ridge's old used UNDIES
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> my ass got 208 infs rammmed up it
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> omg
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> lol
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> setinfo
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> roflmao
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> in nev! ars
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> erm port las
<Pimp{War}> ..... i think your the only person finding that funny, the rest of us are just scared now
<Malak{G}> mmmmm spam!
* Peanut slaps Pimp{War} around with Ridge's old used UNDIES
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> u accusin me of spam malak?
<Greater_Zergling[NCP]> no he just likes spam
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> ah
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> lil porker
* Rianna_Rose{RRE} thinks the question should be asked.... why does peanut have a pair of Ridge's used undies?
<Greater_Zergling[NCP]> i was avoiding bringing that up

<Capreolus> Bell, Bell, she's split from Peel now
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> ;)
<Capreolus> how is single life by the way?
<Greater_Zergling[NCP]> more time for nev!!!
<kitkatkate> lol
* Li_Ra is now known as Li_Ra|afk
<Capreolus> Lol
<kitkatkate> its gr8
<weird{G}> you means how life being inundated by lonely nev players
<Greater_Zergling[NCP]> heh
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> geeks
<kitkatkate> got bout 20 offers since yesterday
<Greater_Zergling[NCP]> nerds and perverts
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> and transexuals
<weird{G}> i fit into the later category
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> lol
<weird{G}> DOH
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> u do?
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> LOL
<weird{G}> damn you BELL
<Capreolus> I'm not a geek, I'm only a maths student... wait...
<Antioch-Bell{STB}> roflmao
<Capreolus> Rofl

<Chancellor_Squire[UDC]> you just have no taste
<Chancellor_Squire[UDC]> your ginger
<Zartek> that was act of god
<Chancellor_Squire[UDC]> he hates you then

<ScottyRox[kh-best]> and UDC ruins the game just like a bunch of others
<ScottyRox[kh-best]> I hope randy deletes them

<NeoSlicerZ> Zartek's formed a new faction, "The Mighty Morphin' Rectum Rangers" !!!

<aussiegolfer> poo yourself
<Macca> i do when i see fwlm mechs
<Macca> they have that effect on me

<UglyBob777> most of 17-30 year old ppl speaks english in poland these days
<UglyBob777> of course i mean normal ones, not criminals, idiots etc.
<UglyBob777> who are 70% of Poland ;P

<Duckie> what are friends for?
<Quack> target practice.

<Dragon> remember me?
<Dragon> ill be your friend Macca
<Dragon> can i join your empire

<Khan_Jagert_Iller> i want all boys ;)

<Antioch-Bell> i am a bun

<Zartek> macca u suck ballds
<Khan_Jagert_Iller> bell would really be desperate to go for that

<Zartek> i measured myself
<Zartek> back when i lived in the attic

* Devlin offers to loan Esau[HP his bag of face hiding, +4.
<Devlin> Equals 64 regular plain brown paper bags for hiding your date's face during intercourse.

<Winnie> I wanna get dirrrrrty
<Winnie> I'm too sexy to be kick banned
<Winnie> I wanna get dirrrrrty
<Winnie> I wanna get dirrrrrty
* Garr sets mode: +b *!*@free-ppp169.tele.QueensU.CA
<Peanut> i bet on kickban for winny
<Peanut> woot
<Macca> :)
<Peanut> i win :P
<Peanut> thanks garr
<Garr> couldn't bring myself to kick him
<Inspector> not yet...was only a ban....
<Skyly> you dont win nut
<Garr> this way you can all laugh at him while he can't speak

<Zartek> yep, know u know how is it be like me
<Zartek> rv rvr vr rvr vrvr

<Peel> <---------- will pay dp for it
<mb|absent> but i like this guy, and so screw you

<Antioch-Bell> comon start u sucker
<Hador> its up bell
<Hador> you did it :P

<Padlina_buying_85tHip> you know zar, i like you, but you are not in my type of woman:P

<Khan_Nathaniel_Bekker> Now I am in his rear

<airbagTTS_DEST> you can trust macca, as long he needs something from you ;)

<Patryn> need a first date before that
<Duke_Squire[UDC]> he had a bad exp with macca
<Angus_Thermopyle> That's the norm I hear.

<Antioch-Bell> was i hold of a macca glove pupet?

<Angus_Thermopyle> Good, I'm always looking for things to ride Zartek about. :p

<[UDC-UR]Patryn> please be ready
<[UDC-UR]Patryn> I have openings

<NeoSlicerZ> Nazis bombed our capital city!
<Zartek{KoNI}> and u still didnt declare war
<Byrn_Ashten> they just didnt want to lower the nazies attack costs

<Zartek> i do not appreciate being called RV when i just got out of my bed thank you very much

<Varrack> oh and thanks for BP for me (feral was it?)

<Magnus_MacDonald> I already gave him one :)
<Macca> i was following your orders

<Macca> i would rather...
<Macca> go to a gayclub

<Zartek >Unemployed Civilians 1
<Zartek> hmm looks like ive got a macca living in my empire

<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> "This here is my sister, but she's also my fathers mother. My mother is actually my sister too, and my brother may be my father...."

<Elf{UDC}[R-8]> pokes macca in the butt hole
<Macca> FFS

<Duke_Squire[UDC]> can you enter that macca?
<Macca> yeh
<Macca> stick up

<Macca> i NEED chetter!
<Macca> purely a weekend thing.

<saKhan_Macca_Riley> then i can prove to everyone im not small

<Duke_Squire[UDC]> wob bv doesnt mean anything
<Duke_Squire[UDC]> all their pilots are the equivalent of 1/8th of a macca
<Sparhawk> you overestimate macca, squire

* Macca likes polish sluts
<Padlina> a girl (near street cost about 10 punds:P)
<Padlina> macca, boys are more expensive

<ScottyRox[kh1]> everyone was making fun of me
<ScottyRox[kh1]> telling me I was stupid
<Hida_Fushu> you get that alot?

<Macca >call chet
<Macca> tell him
<Macca> i need it now

<Macca> i left computer with an arena up
<Macca> i totally forgot
<Macca> man
<Macca> im an idiot

<Gunner> well, It appears Macca didn't hear you give Spar and Bert money to duel, he just heard Macca blah blah blah 3 billion to duel with blah blah blah

<{LSA}Duke_Drakan> i actually have pics of randy
<{LSA}Duke_Drakan> i have the gayest pics anyone can find of him

<[NDL]Byrn_Ashten> no, for every rox you kill 3 more replace it

<Warrior[TOW]_AFK> in ancient times, one known as Bell went mad trying to be sarcastic about Nev...
<Warrior[TOW]_AFK> Try not to follow in the footsteps on that mad, sink-nutting wierdo ;)

* Macca spanks
<Zartek> boys

Now talking in #neveron_wob
* Topic is '»»-(¯`v´¯)--» Valentines Day is Coming! »»-(¯`v´¯)--»'
<Zarte>k benders
<Duke_Squire[UDC]> its the 14 isnt it
<Duke_Squire[UDC]> ill have to get something for my car
<Elf> gonna lub up the tail pipe I see squire?

<Duke_Squire[UDC]> coincidentally youce got rear hair dont you

<Capreolus> ohkay... I know how the incest thing works

<Zakarius> It makes me laugh, to think the US is run by a Bush, Dick, and Colon

<Khan_Michael_Klien> I almost severely burnt my hand
<Khan_Michael_Klien> I have a little thing
<Khan_Michael_Klien> that heats up uberfast
<Khan_Michael_Klien> and got flashburnt from the steam that was coming out of the side
<Khan_Michael_Klien> I know how to deal with it, CW :P

<DuckieHo> there's always porn...
<Rianna_Rose{RRE}> batteries are dead :p

<Eggy|afk> i'm NOT gay!
<Sarah_Rose> thats not what you said last night baby
* Sarah_Rose wink's

<Fen> its randytech
<Fen> he could be passing the ammo feed through the cockpit for all we know

<Maxxian> takes a lot to shock me
<squire> randy turning out to be a hermaphrodite with wayward as a small dwarf that wears pink clothes
<squire> would that shock you
<Maxxian> no
<Maxxian> i expect that
* ItCouldBeBunnies indicates that she has a pic like that for the site

<Maxxian> oh and bunnies...ill get you a new pic...figured since im a FL i need a pic more appropriate for such....so ill be in full dress leaning over a game of risk :P

<ItCouldBeBunnies> I think the OMT is calculated a little bit wrong
<Randy> What do you mean?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> Military Maintenance (780,000)
<ItCouldBeBunnies> Oversize Military Tax (4,800,147)
<ItCouldBeBunnies> Daily Net Cash Flow Subtotal: $ (-4,875,061)
<ItCouldBeBunnies> 800 k for an army and 6 times that in OMT?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> for a level 7?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> with medium mechs only?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> I never thought Sarah's BJs would be so expensive

<ChetterBear> randy ever think about inplimenting hookers . it could help with moral

<Randy> they would be .addpeoned as StupidFucker{WoB_33rd_Crappy_RCT} or whatever

<Randy> guys just shut up and let me come up with something I'm happy with, THEN bitch.

<HD> *sigh* my level 2 is under pirate EV assault

<Randy> we have always hated our players and strive to develop programs to eliminate their contamination from our game.

<Jamison_Gaunt[Ryuken]> 1/5/3236 7:00:00 AM -- Pirates attacks on Sarah_Rose Appreciation Society
<Jamison_Gaunt[Ryuken]> get your cocks and BJS ready!

<Count_buying_DP> .assmask *!Countergod@*.columbia.edu

<{WoB}Chetter_Primus> thats all well and good to be told but most of my guys do have the training they need and newbs will get them anyway. they suck at waring

* Randy (~randy@ has joined #neveron_giants
* X2 sets mode: +o Randy
<X2> [<Randy>] <....> Fuck you guys. I'm not going to donate any more except for zone stuff and a lance of Rhinos

<ItCouldBeBunnies> I got some more quotes into the bunnyzen,... and you're mentioned in one
<Sarah_Rose-afk> lemme guess...
<Sarah_Rose-afk> im a slut?

<Khan_Michael_Klien> I mean christ, what's next? Am I gonna grow boobs and have a lesbian encounter with eggy?!
<Eggy|Monk> WOOT!

<Randy{Pirates}> Pirate Mech fires a LRM-20 at Hunter, needing a 7 to hit and rolling a 2. A miss!
<Randy{Pirates}> man i need mods

<Randy{Pirates}> you would too. this charger sucks :)
<Randy{Pirates}> hm
<Randy{Pirates}> doesn't look like i moved
<Randy{Pirates}> don't code and war :P
<casper`_killing_Randy{Pirates}> tell that to a nev addict!
<Randy{Pirates}> i think i died

<Randy{Pirates}> what was the final tho .. you did kill my head? no ammo?
<casper`{Cult}> randy, no idea. It didn't say…
<casper`{Cult}> see what happens when you code and nev! :p
<Randy{Pirates}> heh

<jaggeh> dont worry squiddy i will give you some lovin
<Cathi> bunnie have u gotten him to cum while on the comp?
<squire> no you wont jag, your hands will be tied
<squire> by alex :>
<ItCouldBeBunnies> no... i can't say I have
<squire> possibly literally
* jaggeh hands in ears
<Cathi> ok then i have played with him more

*Wayward_Son has joined #neveron_newbies
*X2 sets mode: +o Wayward_Son
<Wayward_Son> newbies suck
<Wayward_Son> go back to planetarion

<princesskitkat> u just fingered me again
<princesskitkat> lol
<Capreolus> what can I say? I can't keep my hands to myself

<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> now u got a new tan kfor your bunny empires :)
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> harrier the hopping tank :p
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> i hate moving icons :)
<ItCouldBeBunnies> it's hovering
<ItCouldBeBunnies> :)
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> hopping
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> randy should add bunny ears to it
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM] >sayign that the sensor arrays

<kitkatkate> when i personally win the lottery ill buy u all a rhino

<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> I should attach porn music to that video I have
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> then send it to his mom
<Pax> man...ive got some serious windburn in those pics...and an evident goggle line

<Snabbit_ConvoAssasin> wat does .klien do
<Schattenjaeger> it calls the klien bot, obviously, as it responds when we use it.

<Snabbit_ConvoAssasin> cmon everyone ask klien a question
<Count_Conversation_Terminator> .klien how much BV does neveron have in total?
<StColjointedlimb> lol
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> -=Count_Conversation_Terminator=- More than 0.

<ItCouldBeBunnies> .Klien Do you fancy a turn with your flatmate's girlfriend?
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> NO
<tnuoC> ROFL
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> omg
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> If I ever come on chat
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> and somehow let it out
<Snabbit_ConvoAssasin >rofl
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> that I did ANYTHING with her
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> SOMEONE come here and kill me
<tnuoC> sure klien ;)
<tnuoC> you know yuo only live like 3 hours from me :)
<ItCouldBeBunnies> .klien So you've never thought of climbing on top and slapping the fat and riding the resulting wave for a while?
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> Hrm
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> ....oh god
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> bunni...oh god...
<tnuoC> ROFL
<tnuoC> LMAO
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> the mental imag....oh god
<StColjointedlimb >ROFL
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> oh god
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> the horro....
<StColjointedlimb> mental pic
<tnuoC> bunnies
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> AFK, I gotta throw up
<Snabbit_ConvoAssasin> too far
<StColjointedlimb> oh god
<tnuoC> but that in bunnyzen
* tnuoC is now known as CountWolf[NCP]
<ItCouldBeBunnies> .klien If you change the colour filter in the video, does she look like a lavalamp in slowmo?
<CountWolf[NCP]> bunnies give me paw!
<Snabbit_ConvoAssasin> omg!
<CountWolf[NCP]> ROFL
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> lol
<CountWolf[NCP]> oh god bunnies
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> That would actually be pretty damned funny
<ItCouldBeBunnies> .klien Does your flatmate buy industrial sized bags of flour, so he can roll her in it and find the wet spot?
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> lol
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> AFAIK, no
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> but I think last time
<Klien[Leave_Of_Absence]> he had a surveyor scout the area

<{WoB}Chetter_Primus> hi guys
<{WoB}Chetter_Primus> I had the most awsome dream
<{WoB}Chetter_Primus> it involved nev and star trek
<{WoB}Chetter_Primus> I accidently hit some randdom HoC empire and they came out of nowhere in birds of prey and shot the shit out of my ship
<{WoB}Chetter_Primus> I woke up and said wow
<{WoB}Chetter_Primus> that rocked
<{WoB}Chetter_Primus> a trek dream cuppled with nev I have attained geekhood

<Peanut{DEAD} >-355164
<Peanut{DEAD}> that should be a pirate right?
<mattbuck> yes
<Peanut{DEAD}> how come it's attacking me?
<mattbuck> because it's a pirate....
<Peanut{DEAD}> it's not mine
<Peanut{DEAD}> i'm lwing someone
<mattbuck> so they have rats
<Peanut{DEAD}> :|

<Kodiak31415> Why didnt they tell me this was so complicated when I signed up?
<Lamentdec> you didn't bother reading the pop-ups that said it was hard?
<Shin-Needs2Merc-98RLs> they did
<Kodiak31415> I know they did
<Shin-Needs2Merc-98RLs> you just skipped that part
<Kodiak31415> but they say that about everything
<Shin-Needs2Merc-98RLs> well they meant it about nev

<ItCouldBeBunnies >so the guys at UPS sniff all the boxes that come from Japan in case they are exporting used schoolgirl panties then?
<Nevyn> Yea, UPS would steal it for personal use
<Esau[HP]> hell, I got a box full of them

* Dawg is gruufy in here
<mb|absent> why don't you take a look for yourself?
<Dawg> or maybe hes under a diffrent name and I cant see him
<mb|absent> is he lvl8+?
<Dawg> yes'
<mb|absent> right. do .users g*
<mb|absent> that'll tell you if he's in chan
<mb|absent> now stop interrupting my idling
<Dawg> .users g*
<mb|absent> bloody morons
<ItCouldBeBunnies> or /quit gruffy will do something too
<Dawg> lol not
* Klien[BBIAB] is now known as Khan_Michael_Klien
<Dawg> I know that trick
<Dawg> how do you make all quit messgae
<ItCouldBeBunnies> use /quit Message "Goodbye all"
<ItCouldBeBunnies> change goodbye all to your leaving messge
<Dawg> ok with or without teh quotes?
* botch_having_pats_babies is now known as botchness
<Khan_Michael_Klien> Without, Dawg
<ItCouldBeBunnies> dawg,.. with quotes
<Dawg> ok
<Dawg> ty
* Dawg (Java@dialup- Quit (Quit: Message I leave now only to kill your emprie.)
<ItCouldBeBunnies >"knew that trick" did you?

<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> http://www.nypost.com/news/regionalnews/32586.htm
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> omg
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> i wont eat muffins anymore
<ItCouldBeBunnies> lol
<ItCouldBeBunnies> I love blueberry
<ItCouldBeBunnies> then again,.. you prolly never had a condom in your mouth before.
<ItCouldBeBunnies> again,.. I like blueberry
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> i know how latex tastes had to use those latex gloves for a long time during my time at university and atwork :p i jsut dont want to think bout it being a used condom or whatever
<ItCouldBeBunnies> can you get blueberry flavoured gloves?
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> actualy im sure that theres blueberry flavoured gloves
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> at least id think so
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> imagine all those latex lovers
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> actually that might be a market gap to get exploited
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> hmmmmm

<Tigre{Legion}> Kate, you never did explain the kitkat thing to me, and I don't see it in your website. . .
<blondekitkat> kitkat
<blondekitkat> ermmm
<blondekitkat> describe a kitkat bar
<Tigre{Legion}> 4 cookies, covered in chocolate
<blondekitkat> 2 fingers
<blondekitkat> ;)
<Tigre{Legion}> ahhhh
* Countergod (Countergod@dyn-ec-192-240.dyn.columbia.edu) Quit (Quit.)
<Tigre{Legion}> scared CG off

<Colin >hmm.. lets say neveron has a destabilized orbit. It wanders to close to the sun once every year. So 1 week out of every nevyear we will have random units skill up from dmg to thier brain cells from the extreme radiation exposure. Also the polar icecaps will melt, creating random ocean zones to pop up across the map.
<Colin> Say maybe 1 out of 20 zones becomes water zones.. then you can pay 100 mil to reclaim the zones and rebuild the cities you lost.
<Colin> after a couple years of this randy will be forced to code water movement
<Colin> Oh and pirates evolve into spellcasting aquatic orcs, so we can really appreciate the new class sytems.. with my Level 7 Warrior/ Level 3 Cleric Empire.
<Colin> With my Smite Rhino spells
<Colin> and the infamous HoC "Teleportation of mechs home" spell. But instead of being powered by mana, its powered by DPs..
<Colin >You know if randy got wind of this it'd be on the updates tomorrow. "New planned FEATURES"
<Colin >I can't wait to give my Marauders water skiis
<Colin> But occasionally (more often then not) all units in a zone will drown from lag.
<Colin> Congrats you have researched Row Boat (5 ton)!
<Greater_Zergling[NCP] >ill send it to him in a e-mail
<Greater_Zergling[NCP]> :D
<Colin >Man I cannot wait til i can put a mgii and sensors on it
<Greater_Zergling[NCP] >1000 dp
<Greater_Zergling[NCP]> rp
<Colin >Call it the "Web-Toed Gecko"
<Colin >sweet.. 1k dp! Can I merge my empire to AoW?

<Peel> i would start by kissin you softly on your lips
<Peel> whilst undoin your shirt
<Peel> then i wud move down your neck and start kissing your chest
<Peel> all the while i woould be undoin your belt and your trousers
<Peel> i would then rekease your long hard throbbin cock from your underware
<Peel> and move my tongue down from your chest to your waist onto your penix
<Peel> *penis
<Peel> then i wud give u the best head of your life
<Peel> and i will let your imagination take you from there
<Peel> NOW can i have my ops back?

<Damz> well u cld go west an end up in china........
<mattbuck> you could to east and end up in america
<mattbuck> hell, the west to china thing was what columbus tried
<Damz> yeh that was a big mistake
<Damz> y did he have to find america
<mattbuck> because it's a very big lump of shite parked between us and china

<Peel> btw, ty for my ops back

<ItCouldBeBunnies> I see loads of use for urbies
<ItCouldBeBunnies> in hilly terrain, I'm gonna roll them downhill over pirate infantry

<Damz> how dense is peel?
<Damz> an how can a 0 pop city be his largest?

<FeaR> yes, i am a porn star
<Peel> i video tapes himself masterbating
<Peel> *he
<Peel> he video tapes himself masterbating
<Peel> ffs that was a bad typo

<Peel> in truth she is beggin me to sleep with her
<Peel> and im like no no no no no

<{WoB}Chetter_Primus> woot
<{WoB}Chetter_Primus> I just won a duel
<Ardor> wow

<Loremaster_Jacob_Ward> joker: What are you doing in a chatroom named 'Hot Gay Man Sex'?
<j0k3r-dead-in-corner> lol
<j0k3r-dead-in-corner> on AIM
<j0k3r-dead-in-corner> you can create rooms
<j0k3r-dead-in-corner> so I created one
<StCol_Arkidda{atWork}> having Hot Gay Man Sex
<j0k3r-dead-in-corner> and invited him
<j0k3r-dead-in-corner> for some sweet man lovin
<j0k3r-dead-in-corner> now i may not be gay
<j0k3r-dead-in-corner> but for Dragion
<j0k3r-dead-in-corner> hell
<j0k3r-dead-in-corner> who wouldnt be gay?

<{WoB}Chetter_Primus> yes 3 gurls Im cured no more gay shit for me
<{WoB}Chetter_Primus> girls
* {WoB}Chetter_Primus (Chetter@h0006256bc214.ne.client2.attbi.com) has left #neveron

<j0k3r-dead-in-corner> so
<j0k3r-dead-in-corner> I am offering a DP contract to hit jointedlimbs empire
<jointedlimb> lol
<j0k3r-dead-in-corner> in fact
<StCol_Arkidda{atWork}> Ummm
<j0k3r-dead-in-corner> i wonder if i can pay cult
<j0k3r-dead-in-corner> to just kill fwlm
<Gruffel_needs_pilots> lol
<jointedlimb> lol
<Gruffel_needs_pilots> I think DEST is bored as well
<StCol_Arkidda{atWork}> How much DP, I can be suicidal enough with one of my empires
<jointedlimb> lmao
* Loremaster_Jacob_Ward can vouch for arkidda
<jointedlimb> Ark your welcome to drop on Yurt
<jointedlimb> id like to see what you could possibly do to it
<StCol_Arkidda{atWork}> I want my DP first jointedlimb
<jointedlimb> yeah
<jointedlimb> thatll work
<jointedlimb> you get 200 DP
<jointedlimb> ill kill all the market mechs
<jointedlimb> then you can rebuild
<StCol_Arkidda{atWork}> ummm
<StCol_Arkidda{atWork}> jointedlimb, I ain't stupid, I give the 200 DP to my empire I WANT to live and hit you with the empire that I can care less about
<jointedlimb> lol
<jointedlimb> okay
<jointedlimb> that works too
<StCol_Arkidda{atWork}> I thought so, I ain't Macca

<WingedPuma> anyone know when avenger{cult} will next be on
<Droideka> .farseen avenger{cult}
<Droideka> lol
<WingedPuma> oo lemme try
<WingedPuma> .farseen avenger{cult{
<WingedPuma> blah
* Droideka shakes head
<ItCouldBeBunnies> spelt his name wrong anyway
<WingedPuma> oh yeh
<WingedPuma> that might be why
<WingedPuma> .farseen avenger{cult}
<WingedPuma> hmmm
* Droideka slaps forhead with palm
<WingedPuma> !farseen avenger{cult}
<ItCouldBeBunnies> I don't know how serious he was there either
<WingedPuma> grrr
<ItCouldBeBunnies> actually,.. i do now.
<WingedPuma> bloody mirc is bugged!
* WingedPuma (WingedPuma@ACBA82B1.ipt.aol.com) Quit (Quit: HydraIRC <- Go on, try it!.)
<Droideka> idiot
<Droideka> I really hope he was joking, otherwise our species is doomed
<Droideka> or doomed even
* WingedPuma (guest6454@ACBA82B1.ipt.aol.com) has joined #neveron
<WingedPuma> try it in jIRC
<WingedPuma> .farseen avenger{cult}
<ItCouldBeBunnies> try it in jERK
<Droideka> LOL
<WingedPuma> stupid IRC sucks ass
<WingedPuma> gimme a link to jERK
<ItCouldBeBunnies> can someone give him a link to jERK please?
<Droideka> type #WingedPuma
<WingedPuma> #wingedpuma
<Droideka> that is jERK
<WingedPuma> that it?
<Droideka> working yet?
<WingedPuma> .farseen Avenger{cult}
<WingedPuma> GGGGRGRR FFS!!!
<Droideka> no caps
<Roboute_pirates> LOL
<WingedPuma> is there any other command i can use?
<Zakarius> WP: You a WoBbie, by any chance?
<WingedPuma> no?
<Zakarius> You should be
<ItCouldBeBunnies> no he shouldn't
<WingedPuma> im already in a faction
<Zakarius> Bunnar: Bcause?
<Zakarius> He's already passed the IQ test
* Klien{BUSY} slaps WingedPuma around a bit with a large trout
<Klien{BUSY}> You make Peel look intelligent.
<Klien{BUSY}> Stop breathing.
<ItCouldBeBunnies> wingedpuma... I don't think avenger actually decided when he was coming back, unless he left it in his irc-diary.
<Zakarius> I dunno, what CAN you use a WoBbie for, other than target practise?
* WingedPuma (guest6454@ACBA82B1.ipt.aol.com) Quit (Quit.)
<Gunner> I like to use them for harvesting infra
* WingedPuma (WingedPuma@ACBA82B1.ipt.aol.com) has joined #neveron
<ItCouldBeBunnies> check if he did with "/quit time-avenger{cult}"
<WingedPuma> kk
<Zakarius> Gunner: Well, thats a given fact.
* WingedPuma (WingedPuma@ACBA82B1.ipt.aol.com) Quit (Quit.)
<Droideka> thats mean
<Zakarius> Dumbass fell for it tho
<Roboute_pirates> rofl
<Droideka> love it
<ItCouldBeBunnies> Perhaps he'll understand that we're winding him up now
<Zakarius> Gotta love the BunnyHumour
<Zakarius> Probably not
<Gunner> tell him to try again, musta typed it wrong
<Zakarius> Lets string it out until he realises
* WingedPuma (WingedPuma@ACBA82B1.ipt.aol.com) has joined #neveron
<ItCouldBeBunnies> wingedpuma... we have NO IDEA when avenger will be back online
<Droideka> awww Bunnies
<Droideka> I was just starting to have fun
<WingedPuma> so...
<Zakarius> Best estimate is EVENTUALLY
<ItCouldBeBunnies> sorry,.. but if we prolong this, then it's just mean
<WingedPuma> whats mean?
<WingedPuma> you got the command?
<Zakarius> He has no clue. Pity him.
<Zakarius> Or, continue, and laugh more. Your choice ;O)
<ItCouldBeBunnies> wingedpuma,.. perhaps someone else can help? The fact that you want to talk to avenger means it can't be important

<mr_seusian_away> is there anything i could simply trade you for CIH
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> ill take souls and first born children

<ItCouldBeBunnies> How about... Mobilised mechs add morale. Population love to see that their empires mechs are defending them,...
<ItCouldBeBunnies> not being mothballed in some hidden zone to defend against other players
<ItCouldBeBunnies> or,.. repair bay 6s are so good,... that for 10 million x tonnage of mech,..
<ItCouldBeBunnies> they can randomly do a critical success repair result to a mech,.. possibly adding armour,..
<ItCouldBeBunnies> heatsinks, weapon mods or speed,.. thusly customising a mech,.. making it more useful,..
<ItCouldBeBunnies> and reducing the cash of the uber rich banker players
<ItCouldBeBunnies> definitely an idea for scientist clss
<ItCouldBeBunnies> max 3 per mech.
<ItCouldBeBunnies> :)
<Randy> or builder more likely, builder is the one w/repair bonuses. thats a neat idea i like that one :)

* Guest3921 is now known as Randy_
<ItCouldBeBunnies> please convince me it's you and not an op pissing about
<Randy_> lol
<Randy_> well, i'm at home but my miRC wont connect
<Randy_> so this was the only way
<ItCouldBeBunnies> you should join the channel as a "guest" more often and see how people behave
<Randy_> actually ... the more i'm there, the more access people feel they have to me, the worse their general attitudes.
<ItCouldBeBunnies> nah
<ItCouldBeBunnies> they all say that they hate you,.. but when you're not there they fight over who gets to say "hi randy" first when you rejoin channel
<Randy_> lol

<ItCouldBeBunnies> ffs pimp,.. 170 mechs in a level 7?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> that's obscene,..
<Pimp> aye
* ItCouldBeBunnies applauds
<Pimp> well was a 10 leveled down to get more empires in faction
<ItCouldBeBunnies> ha ha ha
<ItCouldBeBunnies> THAT's why
<Pimp> hehe
<ItCouldBeBunnies> nice
<ItCouldBeBunnies> Sarah_Rose Appreciation Society is 40 mechs or so,.. a full batt of BJs
<Pimp> lol
<ItCouldBeBunnies> and that has bad OMT
<Pimp> ya
<ItCouldBeBunnies> where is she anyway?
<Pimp> no clue
<ItCouldBeBunnies> I can't wait to tell her about her fleas
<Pimp> lol

<ItCouldBeBunnies> oh,.. and zap,... I'll be taking 20 billion or so from Group W, as I've earned in,.. and the name. I know you made it,.. but I've a level 2 empire that I'll rename to Group W as I've earned the name too. Apparantly, it's traditional to rob these things from you when we stop looking after empires. Oh,.. and I'll quickly note where all the defences are, and move things, as is traditional with selling to Junisar. :P
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> lol
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> if it would be shorter id use it as setinfo

* b0lt is now known as b0lt-U-1
<b0lt-U-1> anyone want to play paranoia? it's a fun RPG. join #neveron_fun
* b0lt-U-1 is now known as b0lt-U-2
<Protagoras> Ahhh first death in Paranoi Bolt?
<b0lt-U-2> Protagoras, :)
<b0lt-U-2> Protagoras, #quack
* Protagoras chants "The computer is my friend"
* Protagoras was kicked by X2 ( You are not authorised to use Purple writing. You are Infrared clearance only. Report for termination. Have a nice day.)
<Nihil> lmao
<shattersun> nice
* Protagoras (Protagoras@1Cust5149.an4.hou17.da.uu.net) has joined #neveron
* Protagoras was kicked by X2 ( You are not authorised to use Green writing. You are Infrared clearance only. Report for termination. Have a nice day.)
<Nihil> rofl
<Zardoz> he better learn to type in black
<mattbuck> no
<mattbuck> white
* Protagoras (Protagoras@1Cust5149.an4.hou17.da.uu.net) has joined #neveron
* Protagoras Apologizes to System Admin ICBB for improper protocol and wishes to declare B0lt to be a mutant traitor... look at that funny 0

<Macca> i thought i was resident idiot..
<Macca> now peel has taken over

<FeaR> now i get to be part of the sleeping giant ryuken
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> hibernating bear! make it sound more scary

<Peel> put me up matt and ill give you a blow job
<mattbuck> you'll have to do better than that
<Peel> ok, ill have a threesome with you and harry from mcfly

<mattbuck> hey peel, type !banme
<mattbuck> !banme peel
* mattbot2 throws a brick at peel
* mattbuck slaps DrunkPeel around a bit with a large trout
<DrunkPeel> oi
<mattbuck> yes?
<DrunkPeel> !banme
* mattbot2 sets mode: +b DrunkPeel!*Peel@host81-137-205-66.in-addr.btopenworld.com
* DrunkPeel was kicked by mattbot2 (Hook, line and sinker)

<mattbuck> I've set mattbot up to model the RNG
<mattbuck> type !rng , eg !rng 5
<Crazy_Saint{FWLM>} !rng 7
<mattbot2> Crazy_Saint{FWLM} fires a Small Laser at Pirate Infantry, needing 7, rolling 4! A miss!
<Crazy_Saint{FWLM}> !rng 4
<mattbot2> Crazy_Saint{FWLM} fires a Small Laser at Pirate Infantry, needing 4, rolling 2! A miss!
<Crazy_Saint{FWLM}> wow, it really DOES model RNG!
<Crazy_Saint{FWLM}> !rng 4
<mattbot2> Crazy_Saint{FWLM} fires a Small Laser at Pirate Infantry, needing 4, rolling 3! A miss!
<Crazy_Saint{FWLM}> !rng 4
<mattbot2> Crazy_Saint{FWLM} fires a Small Laser at Pirate Infantry, needing 4, rolling 3! A miss!
<Crazy_Saint{FWLM}> its uncanny


<Khan_Tilandir_Hordwon> !rng -2
<mattbot2> Khan_Tilandir_Hordwon makes a piloting check, needing 12, but rolls a 3 Mech falls!
<mattbot2> Khan_Tilandir_Hordwon is hit by an unforgiving piece of ground on the front side, location H for 4pts
<mattbot2> Khan_Tilandir_Hordwon is hit by an unforgiving piece of ground on the front side, location H for 2pts
<mattbot2> Khan_Tilandir_Hordwon is hit by an unforgiving piece of ground on the front side, location H for 5pts
<mattbot2> Khan_Tilandir_Hordwon has its head destroyed by falling!
<mattbot2> Khan_Tilandir_Hordwon has been destroyed by falling!

<mattbuck> anyone here got a quickdraw salvaged they'd be willing to sell me?
* aussiegolfer checks
<aussiegolfer> seems not
<aussiegolfer> musta left it in my other trousers

<jake> ok people
<jake> who wants to duel
<jake> i am new to this game
<jake> and i am not sure how to move
<jake> but i need to see if it works..anyone?

<Damz> y dsnt randy live with the server?
<Nihil> He used to, then he got drunk and had sex with the server and thats where Seth came from. So WW said no more servers in Randy's house.

<Duckie> what are friends for?
<Quack> target practice.

<AC20Sniper{sick}> is donating to neveron a tax write off?
<WardenWolf> yes. Write it off as a Total Loss

<CountWolf[AFK]> okay...
<CountWolf[AFK]> this is just wrong....
<CountWolf[AFK]> i have 69 pirate inf
<CountWolf[AFK]> all at hex 69,69
<Skyly> lol
<CountWolf[AFK]> and they are 69 hexes away from my tower....
<Skyly> i think randy is trying to tell you something count....

<mattbuck> Fixed a bug where Randy was being a dork. lol
<Tigre> yeah
<Tigre> didn't work apparently
<Tigre> send a bug ticket:
<Tigre> "randy is still a dork"

<Jaxom> anyone have LVL 5 rep facilities? I kinda broke my mech.....

<Rebel> is there something wrong with neveron?

<Gunner_DPpool> congrats on your "win" macca
<Macca> ?
<Macca> wheres ur unit
<Gunner_DPpool> it never entered
<Gunner_DPpool> you win
<Macca> ?
* Macca scratches head
<Macca> what happened?
<jake> you "won"
<Macca> hmm
* Macca wont complain
<Macca> go randy!

<{WoB}Peel|VoteME4Primus> dt, u wanna tell em about my stunt
<Death_Tornado> if you want me to
<{WoB}Peel|VoteME4Primus> ok
<Death_Tornado> im sure you want me to tell everyone
<Death_Tornado> peel got up on a table at the christmas ball
<Death_Tornado> started to strip
<Death_Tornado> to show everyone his thong
<Death_Tornado> lol
* Jim_afk (~john_p_la@adsl188.dyn238.pacific.net.sg) has left #neveron
<{WoB}Peel|VoteME4Primus> u scared jim off

<aussiegolfer> hey zak
<Zakarius> Hey Oz
<aussiegolfer> whats doing?
<Zakarius> Just wondering what in the name of all the slimey scumsucking crap NevCom is up to?
<Zakarius> Ahh, stuff em anyway. HoC can deal with it.

<EVIL> ok, noone know what dp is???

<{WoB}Peel|VoteME4Primus> !nevball 30
<mattbot2> Fuck off Peel

* PaLaDiN slaps weird{G} around a bit with a large trout
<PaLaDiN> what are u still doing breathing?
<PaLaDiN> no one knows
<Comstar> what is WHO doing breathing?
<weird{G}> yes despite the high cost of living it remains popular
<weird{G}> I think he was trying to insult me
<PaLaDiN> nah
<PaLaDiN> if i was to insult u i'd go you cum guzziler goat raping whore
* PaLaDiN was kicked by weird{G} (PaLaDiN)
* PaLaDiN (PaLaDiN@u1040858.ul.warwick.net) has joined #neveron
<PaLaDiN> lol
<PaLaDiN> .access weird{G}
<PaLaDiN> who gave the loser ops:P
* weird{G} sets mode: +b *!*@u1040858.ul.warwick.net
* PaLaDiN was kicked by weird{G} (PaLaDiN)
<aussiegolfer> good job

* Snabbit breaks down into a heap in the corner and crawls into the foetal position coupled with the fact that life is meaninglessly depressing and neveron simply destroys the simple joys in life which otherwise would give meaning to the relentless absense of normality being a computer addict has caused

<WingedPuma> wtf i betted on a stiletto and its got no weapons
<WingedPuma> anyone care to explain?
<Zakarius> Easy. You are a fool
<WingedPuma> ah ok
<WingedPuma> .farseen avenger{cult}
<Zakarius> check the unit nest time.
* WingedPuma stays calm this time
<ItCouldBeBunnies> ha ha ha ha
<Zakarius> ...
<WingedPuma> blah, have you all got a different version of mIRC then me?
<Zakarius> Bunnar, you ARE 100% pure evil

<jake|nothereputuparenas> eggy was complaining how cold it was last night
<Raptor|needs2dp> well it prolly was
<{WoB}Peel|VoteME4Primus> eggy is always complainin
<{WoB}Peel|VoteME4Primus> ooh its so cold, ohh i have no more cookies. OOOHH i wish peel was here to pleasure me
<Raptor|needs2dp> lol peel
<Raptor|needs2dp> i think u gettin kicked
* Eggy|nomorecookies sets mode: +b *!*@host81-137-205-66.in-addr.btopenworld.com
* {WoB}Peel|VoteME4Primus was kicked by Eggy|nomorecookies (only in your dreams)
<MordenGeist[SDF]> lol

<{WoB}J-NaDa_AD> if i was level 10
<{WoB}J-NaDa_AD> i would be big

<mattbuck> right now i'd kill to headcap pirates
<mattbuck> holy fuck
<mattbuck> M-FR-1DB-1 Inferno hits Pirate Mech with a PPC on the head for 10 points
<mattbuck> M-MAD-4A-1 Death of Reason hits Pirate Mech with a ML on the head for 5 points
<mattbuck> Pirate Mech has had its head destroyed by M-MAD-4A-1 Death of Reason!
<mattbuck> Pirate Mech has been destroyed by M-MAD-4A-1 Death of Reason!

* Nada|losing_weight is now known as {WoB}J-NaDa_AD
<aussiegolfer> your nick just lost about 5 characters, J-Nada
<{WoB}J-NaDa_AD> yo!
<aussiegolfer> congrats
<{WoB}J-NaDa_AD> thanks
<{WoB}J-NaDa_AD> i owe it all to viagra

<Wondermule> how come everyone has sexual realtions with randy?

<Raptor_getting_drunk> ow
<Raptor_getting_drunk> i got friction burn on my but
<Raptor_getting_drunk> t
<Khan_Michael_Klien> Use lube next time

<AC20Sniper{Mercenary}> damn I'm glad STDs are not on the neveron RNG... I have sex once and get VD twice

<Samael> did you know, there are more chess moves than known stars in the galaxy
<WingedPuma> no i didnt
<Monna> thats usefull
<WingedPuma> thanks for telling us that
<WingedPuma> and for wasting 5 seconds of my life!
<Monna> its intressting tho
<Samael> I'm sure your all better people for knowing now
<Monna> WingedPuma u just wasted another 10 with typing
<WingedPuma> and then wasting even more time by making me tell you that you wasting y life
<WingedPuma> blah
<Monna> 16 secs more
<Monna> my god
<Samael> lol
<WingedPuma> lol
<Monna> thats alot
<Monna> ur about to die
<WingedPuma> luckily
<Sente> (chess moves)^n and you get possible go-moves
<Monna> stop typing !
<WingedPuma> i have 9 lives
<Monna> omg
<Samael> The last 16 secs of your life you'll remember this and go NOOOO CHESS!
<Monna> a cat which can type !
<Monna> lol
<ItCouldBeBunnies> you do realise that when people in #chess_moves were trying to beat #known_stars on mpogd, they deliberately made up a pile of moves that no-one would use, just to add the extra few. They even use a Bot to make some too
<Samael> I can't find any holes
<Samael> lol
<Monna> icbbb but those in ~know_stars would go random naming
<WingedPuma> lol
<Samael> lol
<WingedPuma> yeh
<WingedPuma> they'd come up with names like "that star over there" to win
<Monna> and so the star "lame-chess-cheaters" was born
<Monna> lol WingedPuma
<WingedPuma> lol monna
<ItCouldBeBunnies> they tried randomly putting white dots on their maps, but they got caught out and permabanned from mpogd.
<WingedPuma> lol
<Samael> lol
<Monna> doubt mopgd counted all the stars
<WingedPuma> start voting for neveron
<WingedPuma> its not in top 5 lol
<Monna> mopgd "we r missing 935479234653 stars wich u named where r they" NASA dude "those chess players brought in a black hole"
<WingedPuma> lol
<ItCouldBeBunnies> lol
<Samael> lol

<Zakarius> Puma: Lemme check something
<WingedPuma> ?
<Zakarius> .farseen avenger{cult}
<WingedPuma> you see him?
<Zakarius> Nah, seems like services are down for a while. Try again later
<WingedPuma> is that why it wasnt working?
<Zakarius> It'll be up again in about an hour or two, usually
<WingedPuma> kk
<WingedPuma> thanks

<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> maybe randy gonna give me money for deleting CIH when it got 10k scorps

<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> latest bug/suggestion ticket
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> 17174 Open empire levels 1/31/2005 12:52:18 PM
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> Empire Level: Dynasty (13)
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> Administrative Overhead (41,293,831)
<saKhan_Zap_Rood[DLM]> im not sure how a lvl13 can be a dynasty wiht such a corruption. i hencefore request that this empire rank gets renamed to banana republic!

<ItCouldBeBunnies> hey mattbuck,.. is the .farseen command working yet?
<Aitken_afk> what farseen?
<WingedPuma> it allows you to see when people are gooing to turn up i think
<WingedPuma> im not sure cause every time ive tried it. its been down for maintenance
<WingedPuma> i think its unstable at the moment
<mattbuck> not yet bunnies
<ItCouldBeBunnies> :D
<WingedPuma> its annoying me now
<WingedPuma> cause i wanna use it
<ItCouldBeBunnies> still milking it for every laugh though
<WingedPuma> huh?
<WingedPuma> theres something you're not telling me! i know it
<WingedPuma> hmmm
<WingedPuma> its an op only thing isnt it!

<Gruffel_needs_another_300DP> www.neveron.de/conmech.jpg ROFL

<WingedPuma> <ItCouldBeBunnies> Perhaps he'll understand that we're winding him up now
<WingedPuma> you mean...
<WingedPuma> there is no farseen command?
<mattbuck> there is a farseen command
<mattbuck> it's just undergoing revision right now
<WingedPuma> mattbuck
<WingedPuma> im not that stupid :p
<WingedPuma> i did read
<Capreolus> I'll prove it. Let me look in my logs...
<WingedPuma> you all lied to me
<mattbuck> i kid you not
<WingedPuma> mattbuck
<WingedPuma> you should add a scirpt to mattbot
<mattbuck> are you calling me a liar puma?
<WingedPuma> so someone adds a log to say when they'll be back
<WingedPuma> and anyone can access it
<WingedPuma> to see
<WingedPuma> ICBB are you a girl?
<Capreolus> here we are, Winged, I've found the log
<Capreolus> <Capreolus> .farseen mattbuck
<Capreolus> -X2- Capreolus : mattbuck will be online in 5 hours, 23 minutes,
<WingedPuma> LIES!
<Capreolus> see? it does work
<ItCouldBeBunnies> Cap,.. that was when it prolly worked
<Capreolus> ohkay
<Capreolus> .clist
<Capreolus> .farseen wayward_son
<Capreolus> you're right, it is offline :-\
<Capreolus> damn, I wanted to use that

* Avenger{Cult} (MAD@easttn- has joined #neveron
<WingedPuma> yay
<WingedPuma> finally
<WingedPuma> lol

<ItCouldBeBunnies> and Puma, to answer your question, yes, I suppose I am.
<PaLaDiN> eh?
<mattbuck> <WingedPuma> ICBB are you a girl?
<PaLaDiN> o
<PaLaDiN> god i hope so:P
<ItCouldBeBunnies> He could try .lastquestion to see what he asked, but I think that's broken too.
<PaLaDiN> for garr's sake
<PaLaDiN> lol:P
<Capreolus> but that tracks question marks, so it doesn't always work

<WingedPuma> my laziness defies the x button in the corner
<WingedPuma> can someone boot me from neveron newbies and neveron please
* WingedPuma was kicked by Logres[AMI] (WingedPuma.)
<Garr[KH]> awww
* WingedPuma (WingedPuma@ACD5F2F2.ipt.aol.com) has joined #neveron
<Garr[KH]> I was going to make a .farseen joke
<WingedPuma> why is it working now?
<Peanut> logres has ops?
<WingedPuma> .farseen Avenger{Cult}
<WingedPuma> always offline it sucks

<WingedPuma> if i wanted to become smarter, you really think i'd sit around in IRC chat?

<Dragion> http://www.penpals-n-prison.com/fsm.html
<FeaR> thats where i met my current boyfriend

<Scottyrox[kh]> HEY
<Scottyrox[kh]> be nice
<Scottyrox[kh]> I work for McDonalds

<Warrior> I think I'm going to wet myself Mummy

* Quack (Quack@68-232-142-63.chvlva.adelphia.net) has joined #iota
<Kammy|FixingCocks> hi quack
<Quack> im not gonna ask kammy
<Quack> im really not
<Kammy|FixingCocks> lol!
<Garr> nothing a splint and some tape wouldn't fix

<Peel> have u ever slept with a girl with 3 nipples?
<WingedPuma> if so
<WingedPuma> did you enjoy it
<Kammy> Peel..we dont want to hear abotu what you did at nevcon
<Scottyrox[kh]> negative peel
<Scottyrox[kh]> however, I did give a nipple orgasm :-)
<Peel> to a man?
<Scottyrox[kh]> heh... no
<Peel> to chet?

<necigrad> did Remy leave, ping out, or what? Anyone know?
<WingedPuma> use farseen to see when he'll be back
<WingedPuma> not sure it if working though
<WingedPuma> its usually offline

<Dr_Banzai> just a quick question: Which empire owns Quack?

<Scottyrox[kh]> Either way, of the 70 or 80 neveron players I have had the pleasure of meeting
<Scottyrox[kh]> nearly all about 1 or 2 played the game (specifically chat) the way they live their life outside of the game
<Scottyrox[kh]> except*
<Garr> lol rox... you ain't met bunnies.
<Scottyrox[kh]> heh.. no
<Scottyrox[kh]> there is always some elusive player I've never met
<Scottyrox[kh]> but then again, you did tell me once she controls you well
<Scottyrox[kh]> perhaps that explains it :-)
<Garr> I guess sooner or later Randy will cave in and let mechs tie each other up and horsewhip each other in combat

<WingedPuma> i love being online
<WingedPuma> i can pretend im stupid
<Garr> WingedPuma,.. your ability to fool us all has been uncanny

<Khan_Michael_Klien> Is it bad
<Khan_Michael_Klien> to alpha strike a swiftwind with a Rhino
<Khan_Michael_Klien> on RTH -1s?
<Death_Tornado> No
<Khan_Michael_Klien> ok, good, because I just did it twice :P

<FeaR> i jerk off to my - gunners
<FeaR> did i say that out loud

<FeaR> Peel has Penis breath
<Damz> fear how wld u know that?
<FeaR> kate told me
<Shinagami101> we all know how you know ;)
<FeaR> ok so i kissed him

<Shinagami101> .farseen Randy
<Shinagami101> poop

<WardenWolf> how Nev came to be. . .Randy met a genie who promised him a nickel for everyone who wanted to kill him. . .the rest is history

<Charlotte> peels not got women afta him! who feeds u tht shit?
<Zakarius> Peel, mainlky

<Ravill> i didn't come on chet for the first year wes

<Peel> hi greg
<Peel> any ideas about the 2005 cnv mech?
<Wayward_Son> i was going to make one with a lager hose on it
<Peel> large hose?
<Peel> wait... your gonna make a mech with a penis?

* Now talking in #iota
* Topic is 'Welcome to #Iota, the open channel for Ryuken Tribal Factions, R5, R6 and R7.'
* Moloch (Moloch@cpe-65-185-61-102.columbus.rr.com) has joined #iota
<Moloch> .inviteme #ryuken
* Moloch spanks Cathi
<Garr[KH]> wrong channel Moloch
<Moloch> lol
* Garr[KH] changes topic to 'Welcome to #Iota, the open channel for spanking Cathi.'
<Moloch> Cathi isn't in #ryuken
* Accipiter (guest2565@S0106000103a6f067.cg.shawcable.net) has joined #iota
* Accipiter spanks Cathi
* Accipiter (guest2565@S0106000103a6f067.cg.shawcable.net) Quit (Quit.)
<Garr[KH]> :D
* Takezo (Java@g90041.upc-g.chello.nl) has joined #iota
* Tilly_extermintator spanks cathi
<Tilly_extermintator> :)

<WingedPuma> omfg, i just got tricked by the AI

<mattbuck> Charlotte - say kate's not a minger or i'll dump you

<Gunner_DPpool> how do you take a screenshot of nev?
<Pimp-AFN> alt f4
<Gunner_DPpool> that closed it

<ScottyRox> Who here doesn't like creampie? :-P
<ScottyRox> Other than Chetter
<ScottyRox> who likes Chocolate CreamPie

<ScottyRox> You realize that Germans are ugly, except for their women (Gruffy's sister is hot!)

* ItCouldBeBunnies has joined #Neveron
* X3 sets mode: +o ItCouldBeBunnies
<X3> [ItCouldBeBunnies] <WingedPuma> omfg, i just got tricked by the AI
<WingedPuma> lol what a dumbas
<WingedPuma> no wait

<Chameleon> OMFG Tak
<Chameleon> Mobilization Costs (34,219,949)
<Chameleon> thats some fucking "Total War" right there

<The_Doctor{Pirate_King}> I had a bad dream
<The_Doctor{Pirate_King}> that I fdowed gunner last night
<The_Doctor{Pirate_King}> stupid game

<xc`LW-lvl9`4`sale> Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo!
<Michael_Klien> .k xc`LW-lvl9`4`sale Kilo Inamo Charlie Kilo!

<{WoB}Chetter> .users
<Eggy|afkish> no chet ,users
<{WoB}Chetter> ,peon
<Eggy|afkish> no ,plist
<{WoB}Chetter> .up
<Eggy|afkish> no ,up

<j0k3r> Eggy is my part time lover
<Princess_Eggy> yes cuz you're with chet every other night of the week
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Wait, Eggy, that means...
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> ewwwwww
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> You get Chet's leftovers
<Princess_Eggy> but jokers such a love muffin

<Randy> no one is dumb enough to set 10% with lowest days
<Randy> holy shit
<Randy> 458 people are that dumb

<CaBhaal> make a offer, if its good enough you get to live, if I feel its a insult I'll kill you some more after you unrestrict. You get 1 offer.
<Hoppy> 2bill

<Maghetti_For_Primus06> NevCom annoys the crap out of me

<CaBhaal> ya, Pimp is not a miracle worker
<Princess_Eggy> he's not? fck that means i lied to Randy when i told him Pimp was a God!

<Troa> hey, my net was being gay
<CaBhaal> then tell it straiten up and stop being gay.
<Troa> I think Chet hacked it, it's not straightening out.
<CaBhaal> yup, terminally gay

<ItCouldBeBunnies> I think mattbot is in all the neveron channels, so talk to it there instead of spamming here.
<ItCouldBeBunnies> thats #neveron, #neveron_newbies and #gay_midget_porn

<GreenBeret|WTB`WHM-6L> so.. running for congress and cheating at cards to get women naked?
<{WoB}Chetter> lol
<{WoB}Chetter> and the guy

<Princess_Eggy> DHZ's emperor has been renamed to something to suit the empire name
<Dobie> "PieceofCrap"?
<Princess_Eggy> shush

<saKhan_Shade_Kerensky> you know what, screw it, do whatever you want. but if you hit tpl, ill spend 10g if i have to to wipe you out

<ItCouldBeBunnies> i like zap. He's an ok guy. He's from a country we conquered and all, but he's ok about it you know. I like that in a man.

<ItCouldBeBunnies> Luke,.. target Polska
<Bro> he's 6 Bunnies
<Bro> so SHoot Better word or KILL :)
<Luke> 7 dad

<ASP|Sleep> randy deleted a lvl 13?
<weird> yup
<ASP|Sleep> damn wtf did xc do?
<weird> hacked nev
<ASP|Sleep> ahh would explain it
<weird> and pasted the contents of the directory
<ItCouldBeBunnies> so he proved there was a folder called GayDwarfPorn?

<Crom_TheDestroyer> What is the riddle of steel?
<Chameleon> how much steel does it take to change a lightbulb?

<weird> I kind of wanna LW someone
<weird> but im having a hard time finding a good target on my continent
<SantaDag> Thats cause you scared all level 3s from attacking you by wiping out the last one ;-P

<Bro> i hit the Friggin sleep button with me knob ffs

* Khan_McKenna|Buying_15962-dp is now known as Khan_McKenna|Buying_15961-dp

<mattbuck> I think I may have finally gone crazy
<ItCouldBeBunnies> in what way?
<mattbuck> I spent 2 hours last night writing a McFly meets japanese tentacle porn story

<Randy> y'all won. i decided to take down nev. not worth putting up with you guys for the amount of money it makes. gl.
<Merlin> nev down
* Randy (randy@ has left #neveron
<PANZERBUNNY[Pesht]> page cannot be displayed...heh
<Chip> piss
<Merlin> eh what?
<buc`> got the FP, but cant get in
<buc`> :(
<J-NaDa> [14:25] * Randy (randy@ has left #neveron
<J-NaDa> [14:25] <Merlin> nev down
<Marc> rofl Randy
<J-NaDa> heh
* Damz (secret@cpc2-eswd3-3-1-cust42.renf.cable.ntl.com) has joined #neveron
<Damz> how long nev been down?
<{WoB}TJ_[HH]> wtf
* DR_Zaius (m@d198-53-199-242.abhsia.telus.net) has joined #neveron
<PANZERBUNNY[Pesht]> few minutes
<Sore> 2 mins
<Diremage> 30 seconds?
<J-NaDa> for like a minute
<Hellspwan> He did it?>
<GreenBeret> no
<Khan_Optikal_Sennet> yeah
<Hellspwan> he pulled the plug!
<GreenBeret> the internet did it
<Khan_Optikal_Sennet> Lol
<Damz> love how it breaks when im about to attack 50 inf
<PANZERBUNNY[Pesht]> the communists did it
<buc`> wow
<buc`> lol
<Khan_Optikal_Sennet> Someone starting with the letter Randy?
<Druthlen> terrorist att on nev
<J-NaDa> oh well
* Hoppy (t3hturin@64-252-145-101.adsl.snet.net) has joined #neveron
* Catalinna (tymoria@adsl-64-218-218-41.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net) has joined #neveron
<Khan_Optikal_Sennet> lol
<PANZERBUNNY[Pesht]> what will the whiners whine about if its dead heh
<Arkidda> Life
* buc` cries
<buc`> I liked nev
<Hoppy> it's a good solution
<Khan_Optikal_Sennet> People will still come here
<Marc> hehe
<Hoppy> just proves what jerks and how inconsiderate the whiners are
<PANZERBUNNY[Pesht]> ya...go pull the plug on taht for us please...save the headaches
<Hoppy> for the rest of the community
<Khan_Optikal_Sennet> be like, My car can turn into a bigger mech then your car!
<buc`> is randy serious?
<Roanoke> If Nev's down, I have at least ten minutes to kill
<buc`> do I get some lunch?
<Hoppy> everyone thank UDC and HoC and all those other ppl who bitched to randy for this
<buc`> is he SERIOUS :(
<{WoB}TJ_[HH]> so much for all your recent donations
<Hellspwan> Y'all happy now?
<PANZERBUNNY[Pesht]> ya how do we even know taht was him
* Falcon_Guards (Falcon_Gau@ has joined #neveron
<HLC_bored_of_rox> if you have time to waste then GO VOTE FOR NEV on mpog
* RedStar (chatzilla@ has joined #neveron
<Kardock> Well shoot... who is up for making Neveron2.0?
<Hoppy> panzer
<Hoppy> nev is down
<Hoppy> :-P
<Hoppy> thats how we know
* Randy (randy@ has joined #neveron
* X3 sets mode: +o Randy
<Hellspwan> Daddy just took the toy away from the squabling 2 years old...let the fits commence!
* Daniel (Daniel@pcp0012301979pcs.gambrl01.md.comcast.net) has joined #neveron
<PANZERBUNNY[Pesht]> heh
<John_Church> (17:08:54) John_Church: while nev is down
<John_Church> (17:09:02) John_Church: photoshop contest to what all the DP money goes to
<Arkidda> Who is having a Fit?
<Randy> updates should be done in 10 min or so.
<PANZERBUNNY[Pesht]> oh yee of little faith
<{WoB}TJ_[HH]> you scared us randy
<GreenBeret> ya'll are overly gullible
<PANZERBUNNY[Pesht]> what ya updating?
<Khan_Optikal_Sennet> Wth
<{WoB}TJ_[HH]> i'm pulling out my beating stick
<Hellspwan> damn...I though t you really pulled the plug :(
<d2bergler[AMI]> that was not cool
<Hoppy> that was weak randy
<Khan_Optikal_Sennet> nada this is the stupidest thing ever
<Randy> deleting about 600000 entries from a table that hasn't been properly maintaining itself.
<d2bergler[AMI]> i cried like a little girl

<Winnie> is randy tarared?
<Winnie> *retarde?
<Winnie> *ratarded?
<Winnie> *retarded?

<TheFifthHorseman> if you attack me im gonna sic chet on your ass so quick itll make planks head spin
<WhiteFangJobHunting> No one is scared of WoB
<TheFifthHorseman> Im nopt talking about on nev
<TheFifthHorseman> Im talking about having him go to your house
<TheFifthHorseman> with some lube

* Sand performs a high class titty twister on eggy
<Countergod> yoru gonna get banged by Dragion if you keep that up sand lol
<ItCouldBeBunnies> countergod,.. why not send her a pm asking if you could have a trade agreement so that you can get your hands on a pair of her behemoths.

<Chetter{WoB}> a few friends and i a couple nights ago experimented in the porn industry and made our own gay porn on the couch you always sleep on

<WingedPuma> eggy, may I PM you please?
<Princess_Eggy> no

<Pimp> hey ww can you remove surrender code since without it we would kill empires off instead of giving people a false hope

<{Wob}wags> do ppl ever buy mines for dp?

<jaggeh> speaking of hockey
<jaggeh> we just got nhl '06 for ps2 in the apartmenyt
<jaggeh> ive enjoyed body checking my flatmates greatly
<jaggeh> then we played the game

<Klien> I think the only way someone would have a wet dream about me is if I dumped a bucket of water on their lap while subliminally whispering: "Mike is great in bed..." into their ear while wearing a pink thong and dancing to the tune of 'I'm a little teapot'

<Klien_Making_Smores> A nuclear blast has been detected in zone 107, -184 of the empire Charles of Anjou!
<Gunner> Charles of Anjou...I just bought a 70 ton ULA off him 5 minutes ago :)
<Gunner> I hope the part shipped before the UPS depot got nuked
* Gunner pulls out his geiger counter before opening any mail

* Monica (guest7138@ has joined #neveron
<Monica> hot girl looking to join a faction
<Shinagami101> i think you might be flooded with Pm's soon :P
<Khan_Jessica_Adama> Can you fight?
<gonville> Girls
<gonville> calm down
<Monica> <Randy> got double Ds?
<Monica> whos that pervert
<Monica> this game is sick
* Monica (guest7138@ Quit (Quit)

<{WoB}Chetter_Primus> hey WW
<Wayward_Son> go away chet
<Wayward_Son> nobody likes you

<Invader> 2642049 MINUTES: 28 Foot Assault Rifle
<Invader> why i ask
<Invader> why?
<firescript> wow
<firescript> how you do that?
<Invader> i used fed ex
<Invader> to get my arf's
<Invader> they lost it
<Invader> usually i use UPS

<weird> continent is SOL:TD free
<weird> no S:TD's on my cont

<StCpt_Obvious> My saKhan says I don't have to kiss your ass because he can kick it.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> And your saKhan is?
<StCpt_Obvious> saKhan Mai Coch.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Psht. Do not make me call Mai Coch.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Mai Coch will tell you to kiss my ass.
<Prom|LW> .setinfo
<StCpt_Obvious> The honorable saKhan will do no such thing.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Yes he shall.
<StCpt_Obvious> No he shall not.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Oh yes, yes he will.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> If he does not
<StCpt_Obvious> No he shall not.
<Frozen> I never knew Mai was a male's name.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Mai Coch will be chewed out.
<StCpt_Obvious> Mai Coch could easily destroy you, so he says.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Perhaps. But remember, though Mai Coch is powerful, Mai Coch is still subservient to me, for I outrank him.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> In fact, Mai Coch even kisses my ass regularly.
<Frozen> I wonder what he was thinking when he chose the name Coch.
<StCpt_Obvious> If you do not wish to yield to the power of Mai Coch.
<StCpt_Obvious> I will have to call in Khan Aysuki Coch.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Did you not know?
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Aysuki coch is my lover.
<StCpt_Obvious> Bull.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> No.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Not bull.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Ask her.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Ask.
<StCpt_Obvious> Fine, I will.
<StCpt_Obvious> She happens to be online.
<Frozen> At least that one's a woman.
<StCpt_Obvious> She says that you are retarded, and that you have to yield to Mai Coch or face the wrath of Clan Stupid Git.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> PM me.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> I wish to see this.
<Eggy> NO no pm we ALL wanna see
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> No, no.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> This is a matter between Aysuki Coch, and myself.
<WingedPuma> eggy!!
<Frozen> I want to see this.
<VictorReaper> haha you got caulght dude
<VictorReaper> lol
<Frozen> Caulght?
* Eggy slaps casper`buyingDp around a bit with a large trout
<Frozen> Is that some strange new Neveronian name?
<StCpt_Obvious> 2/28/3255 3:40:00 AM -- CFC: Nova Cats Flame declares war on Frozen Chosen: Cold Steel Keshik
<StCpt_Obvious> Oooo....
<StCpt_Obvious> Ward has now got Mai Coch on his ass...
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Yes, yes I do.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Mai Coch is indeed prepoared to attack me.
<Eggy> i hear ward likes it tho
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Huh?
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> What are you talking about, Eggy?
<Eggy> having coch on his ass :P
<Frozen> This is better than Network Television.
<StCpt_Obvious> It seems that your words have really insulted Khan Aysuki Coch. You dare defile the honorable Coch bloodline.
<Marc> lol
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> So Khan Aysuki resorts to Mai Coch as a champion, instead of honorably challenging me herself?
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> At least she was not so crass as to call in Loremaster Batum Oft.
<Frozen> How do I become a Coch?
<Eggy> lol
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Cochs are not made. They are born.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> You should really try playing with the Cochs.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> It might help.
<StCpt_Obvious> Ahem. She is currently dealing with someone challenging her for her Coch. Her bloodname.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> OH?
<StCpt_Obvious> Indeed.
<StCpt_Obvious> Some young upstart feels he can take the Coch from her.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Who is the fool that would dare attempt to take her coch from her?
<Prom|LW> she's getting challenged for her Coch?
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Loathe as I am to say it at this point, I hope she can defeat he who would take the Coch from Aysuki.
<StCpt_Obvious> The Khan does not take kindly to people attempting to wrestle her Coch bloodname away from her.
<StCpt_Obvious> In either case.
<StCpt_Obvious> Mai Coch is currently poised to strike deep into you; Khan Ward.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Then perhaps I will have to beat him off.
<StCpt_Obvious> With what forces do you intend to beat Mai Coch with?
<Frozen> You really should find some different terminology Captain Obvious.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Simple. The Cold Steel Keshik Command Cluster will repulse Mai Coch's forces.
<StCpt_Obvious> You are aware of the size of Mai Coch's forces, yes?
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Aff.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> I am.
<StCpt_Obvious> Do you honestly think your puny Cluster can fend him off?
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Small though Mai Coch may be, he is potent.
<StCpt_Obvious> Indeed he is.
<StCpt_Obvious> He is willing to foregoe the unplesantries of pre combat notions; and grant you an honorable leave from the field of battle in exchange for a declaration that Khan Coch is not your lover.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Very well.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Aysuki Coch...
* Khan_Jacob_Ward sighs.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Khan Aysuki Coch is not my lover..
<StCpt_Obvious> Most excellent. She will be informed.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Very well.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> And Star Captain.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Do not presume to lecture to a Khan in such a manner.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> ...Unless you want me to wipe you from this puny existence.
<ItCouldBeBunnies> I'm guessing he's preparing himself from the dreaded Pearl Necklace Jump infantry divisions that Mai Cock is renowned for
<StCpt_Obvious> Mai Coch is more renowned for the plinking of his Snipers, followed by a quick thrust into the heart of enemy territory with his assault mechs.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Mai Coch is the sort that shoots from the hip. He is quick to react, and even quicker to finish.
<StCpt_Obvious> Indeed. He never fails to bag his prey.
<ItCouldBeBunnies> ah, he likes to shoot from a distance and saturate his target with multiple small damage warheads
<StCpt_Obvious> Indeed, as a precursor to his daring frontal assault with his main forces.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Mai Coch prefers full frontal tactics, to the more common backdoor entry that is common throughout most of Nev.
<ItCouldBeBunnies> just how much headcapping does this long range fire do? Much facial mech hits?
<StCpt_Obvious> Well, it seems that his snipers do in fact splatter random IDF shots against the head locations of enemy mechs.
<StCpt_Obvious> But it seems, more often than not, he kind of just lets the shots fly where they may.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Simply put, Mai Coch is the scourge of female mechwarriors everywhere.
<StCpt_Obvious> And males, for that matter. It does not seem to matter what sex the opposing mechwarrior is.
<ItCouldBeBunnies> they must be a bitch to reload them all, especially as randy has now made it more expensive for you to shoot a load
<Frozen> You all need way different terminology.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> You dare insult me, and Mai Coch?
<Frozen> I didn't insult anyone this time.
<Celt> ban this sick filth

<casper`afk> i dont like my men dark
<WingedPuma> shes like them like me
<Chameleon> girly?
<Sente> weak and stupid?
<Li_Ra|buyingDP> skinny and dumb looking?

<squire> hurray i got a free ride hom
<ItCouldBeBunnies> you have a "use chetter once" ticket?

<jim> if pimp upgraded a raven it would remove the sensors and add a hatchet

<ItCouldBeBunnies> Lets face it wingedpuma, you're the source of many a brilliant quote. And unlike peel, they don't involve sex with 14 year olds

<ThePowerIHold_BuyingDP> or could I create a zone with units you could kill?
<ThePowerIHold_BuyingDP> I mean, is there anyway I could get you to stop attacking me
<ThePowerIHold_BuyingDP> please, is their anyway?

<Aitken> looks like a bunch of people got nailed lately
<ItCouldBeBunnies> it's an easter tradition

<hammer> Paladin asks the admins on high that the kindly enable his access to the room as it has been 24 hours since banishment

<PuppetMistress> http://www.bklynbunny.com <---- hot bunny action for paladin!

<DPpool-Rianna_Rose> yeah... so my roommate is saying we should sell our underwear on ebay :p

<PuppetMistress> I think Paladin is a bit like a slinky. Not really good for anything, but can bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of steps

<Malcolm_Little> i thought i had bird flu today
<Malcolm_Little> but it turned out to be a hangover

* The_Doctor{Enraged} slaps Randy around a bit with a large trout
<The_Doctor{Enraged}> how goes it
* The_Doctor{Enraged} is now known as The_Doctor{Less_Enraged}
<PuppetMistress> wow...
<PuppetMistress> so slapping randy is theraputic?

<The_Doctor{Less_Enraged}> A study indicates that creative people and unconventional thinkers get more sex partners. Previous studies showed that creative people are more likely than others to be schizophrenic or have schizophrenic relatives.
<The_Doctor{Less_Enraged}> 'jesus'
<The_Doctor{Less_Enraged}> 'extra extra crazy people get laid more!'
<PANZERBUNNY> yip..gotta balance it somehow
<Eggy|Lvl9_4_sale> damn is that what the problem is with me doc?

<J-NaDa> is it a good idea to drink soda when you're losing your voice?
<DP4sale_FLtrans_only> drink a highball
<MjGen|Beta|Meuwar> lol sure soda = love juice
<DP4sale_FLtrans_only> think its tea and some booze
<DP4sale_FLtrans_only> WARM
<Xeolyte> lol
<MjGen|Beta|Meuwar> j-nada do this no bs works
<kagekun> Nyquil works, after you pass out you'll feel better
<MjGen|Beta|Meuwar> one pepermint, one shot jack daniels, one tbsp honey leave until pepermint melts then drink works wonders on ur voice
<vade> hot toddy?
<DP4sale_FLtrans_only> yes
<MjGen|Beta|Meuwar> similiar
<DP4sale_FLtrans_only> that will work
<DP4sale_FLtrans_only> or gargle salt water
<PuppetMistress> You could always try putting salt on your tongue, taking a shot of baileys irish cream and then bite into a slice of lemon and suck. All three ingredients react in your mouth at the same time to make you understand why most women spit.

<Loremaster_Rianna_Rose> :p
<PaLaDiN> rianna sell them panties yet ha ha ha
<Happy_Place[NC]> haha
<Ravill> lol
* Loremaster_Rianna_Rose (riannarose@cpe-24-166-3-71.indy.res.rr.com) has left #neveron

<ItCouldBeBunnies> I hear that HoC now produce a 4 piece jigsaw puzzle, which just has the logo "HOC War Victim - In the time it took to make this, Klien killed another Empire"

<jaggeh> headshot?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> the stench from Chetters bigboypants hits Stolen Archer with a AC-20 on the head for 20 points
<ItCouldBeBunnies> Stolen Archer has had its head destroyed by the stench from Chetters bigboypants!
<ItCouldBeBunnies> Stolen Archer has been destroyed by the stench from Chetters bigboypants!
<Big_Boss> lmao
<Ravill> LOL
<jaggeh> and THAT is why an archer runs from a hunchie :D
<Captain_Canada[LW]> Your bet of $5,000,000 has paid off! Your pick has won and your bet has been returned, with your winnings. You receive a total of $51,607,074.
<Captain_Canada[LW]> OMG
<Captain_Canada[LW]> ty Bunnies
<jaggeh> which empire?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> Your bet of $30,000,000 has paid off! Your pick has won and your bet has been returned, with your winnings. You receive a total of $309,642,443.
<ItCouldBeBunnies> You have won the duel! You have been awarded a prize of $70,409,619
<Xeno> Your bet of $10,000,000 has paid off! Your pick has won and your bet has been returned, with your winnings. You receive a total of $103,214,148.
<Accipiter> you bet on Bunnies?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> It's a strange fact that the stench of chetters bigboypants has made a lot of people rich today

* ItCouldBeBunnies is considering starting a faction called Anti-Noob for level 2 players to join, who's only goal is to bully level 1 players in noob and merc out to players to hit those ANNOYING F**KING BASTARDS who hide behind Randy's big girl's blouse of protection
<ItCouldBeBunnies> Might be room for 40 Empires

<Capreolus> that has to be a joke. The man who developed Viagra is called Dr Willie?
<dimented1> OMG..LOLOLOL
<Ruinn_arena> why not. the man who inveted the bra was named "Arnold Titslinger"
<Gunner> otto
<Gunner> otto titsling
<Accipiter> lol
<Dawk_hawkins> lmfao
<Accipiter> a man invented the bra...
<Accipiter> that's weird in itself
<Ruinn_arena> of course an man invented it. It usually uncomfortable I Understand
<Taia> Yes, it is
<Hoppy> well of course a woman didnt invent it, it's not a delicious thanksgiving dinner
<Capreolus> I heard an urban myth that the bra was invented by a German man called Herr Titschlinger... probably not true, but it's funny enough not to have to be
<ItCouldBeBunnies> Well, they do credit Mr Crapper with inventing the toilet, Mr Titslinger with the Bra and Mr Cockfellout with inventing Speedo Diving shorts,... so Maybe Mr Willie did invent Viagra

<Rottie> unbelievable, ive been tricked by the AI AGAIN!!!

<Patryn> bunnies u catch the pics of my new little guy?
<Zakarius> Finally have the surgery then, eh Pat? ;O)
<ItCouldBeBunnies> no. did you drop tehm?
<Patryn> http://home.comcast.net/~erict/conner1.JPG
<Patryn> http://home.comcast.net/~erict/connerdad.JPG
<Patryn> http://home.comcast.net/~erict/connermik.JPG
<ItCouldBeBunnies> ha hah
<Zakarius> Aww Pat, that is just awesome
<Zakarius> I want one now
<ItCouldBeBunnies> he has more hair than you
<Patryn> yeah bugger
<ItCouldBeBunnies> pat,. grats mate.
<Patryn> sure zak how much ya got
<Patryn> I have 3 to pick from
<Seraph> i remember when my little girl was that big
<Seraph> or small rather
<Zakarius> Do I get a discount if they're damaged?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> baby salvage market?
<Patryn> interesting concept
* Zakarius is creased up on the floor
<Zakarius> baby salvage :O)
<Zakarius> Some slight vomit damage, good little runner, low milage
<ItCouldBeBunnies> "yeah, i doublepunched this one so it's got no center torso and needs new hips"

<mattbuck> the puma quote i pmed you wasn't for bunnyzen
<mattbuck> it was to be added to your setinfo
<Capreolus> if I clean that convo up and submit it... lol
<Uziel> There's one somewhere about Puma's nipple bleeding.... :S
<mattbuck> I missed a puma quote?
<mattbuck> i'm slipping
<ItCouldBeBunnies> but matt,.. i never add to my own setinfos. plus i do have a few other pumarizms
<mattbuck> [12/03 - 19:07] -X3- [ThorazanMcKenna|away] [06:49] <WingedPuma> er, brb my nipple is bleeding
<Capreolus> I think I speak for all of neveron, matt, when I say... ew
<ItCouldBeBunnies> but recently, he told us all he was hurt and upset by all the ridicule and abuse we throw at him. I was truely touched by his sadness and his hurt. Truely I was. Still, i'll put the url for his photo that I've photoshopped in a little while.

<ItCouldBeBunnies> i thought you named yourself after the mech
<Sand> the vehicle you mean? Uriel?
<Uziel> I picked it coz it had all tohse meanings, it was a name of one of my fav mechs, plus its hebrew like my real first name
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> No; the Uziel. It is a level II tech mech, Sand.
<Sand> aah
<Uziel> Oh, and plus coz it sounds cool
<Uziel> Yep. Uziels rock
<ItCouldBeBunnies> no
<ItCouldBeBunnies> bunnies rock
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Double PPCs, double MGs, SRM-6.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Solid performer
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> 6/9/6
<Uziel> No they dont. Bunnies eat their own crap.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> LOL
<Uziel> Its true!
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> I never said it was not
<Uziel> :p
<ItCouldBeBunnies> are you suggesting in channel that i should eat shit?
<Capreolus> dude, have you never SEEN Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Bunnies are vicious b**tards
* ItCouldBeBunnies readies the ban buton
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> lol
<Dracs_buyingDP> lol
<Uziel> No. I'm saying your biological brethren eat their own crap.
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> Well
<Sand> Uzil, you play with Hoppy's dead fingers
<Sand> you have no room to talk
<Uziel> I'm about to get mauled by a rabid bunny...
<Capreolus> biological brethren? I.e. family? You may be in even more trouble now
<Khan_Jacob_Ward> the dreaded rabbit of caerbannog
<Uziel> oh crap
<Uziel> hehe
<Sand> ENROLLMENT 11 - Lances $ 100,000,000
<Sand> somebody... please.... hit the lance arena...
<Capreolus> you mean "Oh rabbit food", right?
<Uziel> lmao
<Uziel> I ain't saying owt :p
<ItCouldBeBunnies> wise
<Uziel> Why thankyou :p
<Uziel> Nicest thing you've ever said about me :p
<Sand> bunny, you wanna have a lance duel?
<ItCouldBeBunnies> no
<ItCouldBeBunnies> prepping a landwar
<Sand> :(
<Uziel> Oh crap

<Ravill> well it wasn't me that did it
<Ravill> i gave the login to a friend to attack the hoc empire and he attacsk the izw one

<Tzu-Theory{Buying_DP}> I spent entirely too much on this web-based text game...
<Lord_Victor_Frost> better than spending it on a woman
<Tzu-Theory{Buying_DP}> but Im a strategy game junky
<Tzu-Theory{Buying_DP}> amen to that Vic
<Rottie> true
<Rottie> least you get something out of neveron
<Lord_Victor_Frost> exactly :P
<Rottie> downtime, bugs, death
<Tzu-Theory{Buying_DP}> yeah
<Rottie> with a woman its like a black hole
<Rottie> pile ya money into it, nothing seems to ever change
<ItCouldBeBunnies> hmm,.. so lets get this right,... you're all saying Neveron takes up all your time, drains your cash, keeps you up all night, and you all accept that in exchange for your time, effort and cash, you'll get screwed and you keep coming back for more? Randy has made an artificial woman and you're all pussywhipped

<Col_Crazy_Saint{FWLM-C}> three empires are hitting HMC
<Col_Crazy_Saint{FWLM-C}> and there is also an attack on DAD and FWLM main
<Dobie> 3 empires hitting 1 empire?!
<Col_Crazy_Saint{FWLM-C}> no
<Col_Crazy_Saint{FWLM-C}> three empires hitting different empires in the same faction
<Dobie> so about 6 empires total?
<Dobie> shouldn't be a problem for you being that you single handedly stopped 20 HP and allied empires :P

<Dobie> and what is bunnyzen?

<Malachi{cult}> Message from Cpt. Soldier 26803510: "May I ask what moron owns this empire?"
<Malachi{cult}> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
<Malachi{cult}> Message from Cpt. Soldier 26803510: "There is currently a deal with CaBhaal in the surreneder of this certain empire."
<Malachi{cult}> motherfucker (not cabhaal)
<Malachi{cult}> he really should show some fucking respect
* Malachi{cult} is now known as Mal{cult}LW

<mattbuck> i shall have to fix it when i create mattbot3. until then... meh
<Capreolus> mattbot3, Rise of the Mattbots
<mattbuck> mattbot3 - trying to come up with a better way of doing things
* Afterous runs
<Capreolus> matt creates an army of bots which go on the rampage across the internet. They're so disturbingly useful that people become reliant on them for everything, then matt's internet connection goes down from the amount of usage and the world's plunged into chaos
<Tigre> dunno. alien 3 was far worse than Alien 2 (aliens)
<Capreolus> starring Tom Cruise as mattbuck, Tony Robinson as Peel, and Hugh Laurie because I want to see him in a film for a change instead of TV
<mattbuck> what? no. i want hugh laurie to play me. tom cruise isn't worth the salary
<Tigre> boy george as Peel
<Dee> Tom Cruise could play Dee :p
<Afterous> no,no me i'm dead sexy
<Capreolus> dead sexy and with only one recognisable facial expression?
<Capreolus> ok, Hugh Laurie to play mattbuck, Boy George to play Peel. But then who will be Puma?
<Dee> Ok...Afterous can play Dee then, if he's as sexy as he claims
<Capreolus> I'm not sure if mattbuck's the good guy or the bad guy in this film, actually. If he's the good guy, he's got to have at least one romantic love interest. Otherwise, he just needs a femme fatale sidekick
<Dee> When's Dee coming into things :( I can at least be the guy who gets killed by mattbots :(
<Rottie> capre, have eggy played by kiera knightley or julia stiles, someone who i can have an offset romance with
<Capreolus> Puma, we're not having you romancing Eggy in any way. You're too young and she's too attached
<Malachi{Cult}> whos playin me
<1imirk{AFK}> mal is keanu Reaves
<Rottie> ok then jude law